girls night in

  1. Travel

    10 Ways to create an affordable staycation

    Taking a two-week trip to an exotic destination sounds like the perfect getaway, but in reality, your time, personal obligations and...
  2. Friendship

    4 Fun friend get-togethers that don't cost a thing

    Is there anything better than a girls' night? Not really! You see, we love living it up with our BFFs as much as the next chick, but...
  3. Wine & Cocktail Recipes

    Four fall cocktails to make at home

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    With the school year back in high gear and evening temperatures dropping just below chilly, it might be time to rethink Friday date...
  4. Movies & Reviews

    10 Best movies for a girls’ night

    Put your life of endless to-do lists, appointments, and constant demands on pause by having a girls’ night. If the last time you and...
  5. Decor & Themes

    5 New girls-night-in party themes

    There’s nothing like a night in with the girls: great stories, non-stop laughter and the comfort of sisterly friends. So ditch the...