1. Television

    Howard Stern apologizes for his Girls comments

    Howard Stern: Open mouth, insert foot. (Like always.)
  2. Television

    Girls Season 2 premiere recap

    HBO's award-winning comedy hits the ground running in its second season.
  3. Television

    A romance brewing: Why did Lena Dunham thank Chad Lowe?

    Why did Lena Dunham thank Chad Lowe during her Golden Globe acceptance speech? We have the answer and it's more romantic than you...
  4. Television

    The 2013 Golden Globes: Who did the HFPA favor?

    Check out the shocking favorites of the 2013 Golden Globes: Homeland, Game Change and Girls.
  5. Television

    What Girls star was almost a goner?

    HBO's Girls is headlined by four talented actresses. It's hard to imagine the show without each of them. Yet, one of the stars has...
  6. Television

    AFI's top 10 of 2012 favors Girls , Batman and zombies

    2012 is almost over and everyone's counting down the best shows and movies of the year. The American Film Institute has announced...
  7. Fashion & Style

    Friday's Fashion Fails: Lena Dunham and Heidi Klum

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    Oops... even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We're telling you why Lena Dunham and Heidi Klum's fashions fell short in our...
  8. Tips & Advice

    Parenting Guru: Grade school mean girls

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    If you’ve got girls, you’re likely going to worry about the eventual mean girl experience. But it turns out the social problems and...
  9. Television

    Girls Season 2 teaser

    Come January, Girls returns. Here's hoping that as the show's creator, Lena Dunham, continues to grow up, her characters will, too....
  10. Television

    Girls star's shockingly truthful cocaine confession

    If you're a celebrity and you're going to do blow with a random stranger, it's probably best you make sure they're not a reporter....
  11. Parenting

    Celeb bump day: Camila Alves and skinny Matthew McConaughey, Shakira, Amber Rose

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    Happy Wednesday Hump Day, also known to us as Celebrity Baby Bump Day! Pregnant Camila Alves was spotted looking fabulous with her...
  12. Books

    Want Lena Dunham's advice? It's apparently worth $3.5M

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    Lena Dunham is a writer, so why shouldn't she have her own book deal? Now she does.
  13. Television

    HBO to kick off 2013 with Girls and Enlightened

    HBO has a thing for the ladies. The network will start the new year with two of its most talked about comedies: Girls and...
  14. Books

    Fiction meets TV: A Girls mashup

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    We all love our television shows. If you’re looking for something to fill your time while you're waiting for the next episode of...
  15. Television

    HBO Girls : Hipsterism gone awry

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    The HBO series Girls misfires again in this week's episode that has viewers pulling their hair out wishing the characters would...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Man Candy Mondays: Brian Williams

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    The dulcet tones of Brian Williams' voice combined with his classic good looks and his warm, witty countenance lull us into what we...
  17. Television

    HBO Girls : Welcome to the bleak house

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    The new HBO show exec-produced by Apatow deserves kudos for its risk-taking but it misses a crucial element: A reason to care.
  18. K-12

    Sexist kids' toys

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    When you talk to your child about the future, you hold out the world. “You can be anything you want to be,” you say.
  19. Television

    HBO releases new trailer for Girls series

    HBO's upcoming debut series Girls is collecting a buzz without any significant star power or scandalous teasers. Watch the newly...
  20. K-12

    5 Holiday gift ideas for girls

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    From dolls to art supplies to electronics, we have gift ideas for girls of all ages. Check out some of these hot holiday gifts.