1. K-12

    Move over Barbie — there's a new role model in the toy box

    Two female engineers are manufacturing dolls based on real-life women that are leaders in chemistry, aviation, coding and more.
  2. K-12

    Cool 3-D printed armor gives Barbie the best makeover ever

    With awesome open-source 3-D printing , you can deck Barbie out in full armor. Why is this cool? Because some little girls don't...
  3. Super Moms Guide

    Real moms dish on how to choose fun activities for their daughters

    There are a million kid activities out there, so how do you know which one is right for your daughter? These real moms dish on how...
  4. Super Moms Guide

    9 Ways to kick it with your little girl

    The days are long and the years are short, they say. Make the days pass quickly and the years pass sweetly with these nine fun...
  5. K-12

    You'll never use "like a girl" as an insult after you watch this

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    Are harmful messages keeping your daughter from giving her all? Find out how Always is empowering girls as they struggle against a...
  6. K-12

    This powerful ad will make you rethink what you say to your daughter

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    Verizon's powerful new ad suggests we're holding girls back by focusing on their appearances, not their capabilities.
  7. Living

    Google targets young girls in Made With Code campaign

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    While women have made major strides in the past decade, there's one area we've fallen way behind in comparison to our male...
  8. Tips & Advice

    Feminist fathers can make the rules

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    A dad's cool feminist T-shirt went viral on Father's Day. According to the shirt, he doesn't make dating rules for his daughter. Can...
  9. Toys and Play

    LEGO announces female scientists minifigure set

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    LEGO lovers are no longer satisfied with the pink and purple vignettes featuring short-skirted female minifigures with nipped...
  10. Tips & Advice

    Playing with Barbie dolls won’t destroy self-esteem

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    Does Barbie's image need a makeover or do parents just need to relax?
  11. Family Fun

    Positive princess role models

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    When your little feminist-in-training is obsessing about a new princess, it may be hard to "Let it go." But here are a few cartoon...
  12. Television

    3 Roles Taylor Swift could play on Girls

    Taylor Swift is becoming a girl! The country cutie will appear on the upcoming season of Girls . We have a few ideas about how she...
  13. Parenting

    Video: How a group of girls just redefined Ban Bossy

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    When we first saw Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg's new Ban Bossy campaign a few weeks ago, we were intrigued – and also had lots of,...
  14. Music

    MUSIC REVIEW: Miguel just wants the "Simplethings"

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    Miguel knows how to give it to the ladies. Well, give us what we want to hear with his sensitive, comforting (and heart-racing)...
  15. Television

    Girls finale: Why Hannah must be in Iowa next season

    Will Hannah move on? We have our doubts. But we certainly hope so.
  16. Television

    INTERVIEW: The Blacklist star reveals Aram's secrets

    We chat with Amir Arison about his wildly different roles in NBC's hit series The Blacklist and HBO's Girls .
  17. K-12

    Sheryl Sandberg encourages girls to ban bossy

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    What do Beyoncé, Ellen and Sheryl Sandberg have in common? They’re all encouraging girls to “ban bossy” in a new campaign that aims...
  18. Movies

    HBO star Adam Driver may be newest Star Wars evildoer

    Hollywood is buzzing about J.J. Abrams latest Star Wars epic, and Girls star Adam Driver is the focus of all the talk.
  19. Television

    SPOILERS: Are Girls ' Adam and Hannah headed to splitsville?

    Ahead on Girls : Marnie gets a new job and becomes more vocal, and Hannah thinks her relationship might be on the line. We know how...
  20. Movies

    2014 SAG Awards snubs: Seriously? No Mad Men ?

    Awards season is in full swing, my friends, and you know what that means: snubs! Join us as we lament over the stars who should have...