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    VIDEO: Girl Meets World cast spills 16 spoilers from Season 1

    In our exclusive interviews, the cast of Girl Meets World spills 16 spoilers every fan should know about the show's first season.
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    VIDEO: Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel try to solve Boy Meets World mysteries

    New show, old mysteries. Before the Girl Meets World premiere, stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel tackle the unanswered...
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    Girl Meets World 's June premiere date released by Disney Channel

    We have been talking about it for more than a year, but the Girl Meets World premiere is now only a few months away. It will...
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    INTERVIEW: Girl Meets World cast talks Boy Meets World

    You've heard the news about the Boy Meets World spinoff, right? SheKnows chatted with the kids from Girl Meets World about how...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Boy Meets World 's Rider Strong marries his actress girlfriend

    Rider Strong was married over the weekend to his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Barreto. But he wasn't the only one from Boy Meets...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Danielle Fishel marries much younger college sweetheart

    Wedding bells ring for Danielle Fishel as she marries a much younger man. We've got insider details on how the couple fell in love...
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    Girl Meets World casts the crush

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    Riley and Tristan sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
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    It's official: Disney orders up full season of Girl Meets World

    We've geeked out over this for months and now it's official: Girl Meets World will be around for at least one season!
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    William Daniels signs on for Girl Meets World

    With many of the major stars returning for Girl Meets World , William Daniels' character means the new show will have a similar...
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    EW interview reveals new Girl Meets World details

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    So many exciting things have happened in preparation for the new Boy Meets World spin-off, we just had to let you in on all the...
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    Boy Meets World spin-off finds its girl

    We're more than a little obsessed with this show and they haven't even filmed an episode yet. Adding to the hype, we now have the...
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    Will Rider Strong also sign on for Boy Meets World sequel?

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    Fans of the original are waiting to hear who else might sign on to Girl Meets World . But there is one original star who might be...
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    Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel sign on for Girl Meets World

    Those excited about the sequel to Boy Meets World have been holding their breath, hoping the actors from the original would sign...
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    Boy Meets World spin-off: Could Family Matters be next?

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    Be still my beating heart! Rumor has it a Boy Meets World spin-off is in the works and is set to begin casting. If Topanga and...
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    Boy Meets World may be getting a sequel

    Cory and Topanga are all grown up, and the new show would follow their preteen daughter as she navigates her life, just as her...
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    Boy meets World to return? It's possible!

    If your sick-day guilty pleasure is an all-day marathon of a certain TGIF show featuring Cory Matthews and Mr. Feeny, we've got news...