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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Kat Graham spills on marriage, Vampire Diaries & growing up

    Kat Graham, who vows nothing ever comes easy for her, believes in the value of hard work — and, from the looks of it, her...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    INTERVIEW: "Would You Rather" with Kat Graham

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    SheKnows had a chance to sit down with singer and The Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham and play a little game of “Would You Rather”...
  3. Entertainment

    Bethenny Frankel exclusive: "I still believe in love"

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    SheKnows Girl Crush Bethenny Frankel brings us onstage with her to chat at the first taping of her new talk show, Bethenny , and...
  4. Movies

    Claudia Lee talks Kick-Ass 2 , dating Garrett Clayton and more

    At only 17 years old, Claudia Lee already has two years on the popular CW series Hart of Dixie , a starring spot in the new sitcom...
  5. Entertainment

    Charisma Carpenter talks new show, dating and single motherhood

    SheKnows Girl Crush Charisma Carpenter shares her own story of fighting crime and tells us about her new show on Investigation...
  6. Entertainment

    Jewel opens up about family, her future & Greatest Hits tour

    Jewel takes a break from her Greatest Hits tour to chat with SheKnows as our Girl Crush of the Month.
  7. Entertainment

    Julie Bowen's Modern Family : Kids, safety & summer fun

    We’re chatting with Modern Family star Julie Bowen about the show, her favorite summer activities, and how she keeps her three...
  8. Entertainment

    Wonder Years ' Danica McKellar inspires girls to show their smarts

    SheKnows Girl Crush of the Month Danica McKellar talks to us about being a mom and tells us how she’s encouraging young women to...
  9. Entertainment

    Exclusive : Jamie-Lynn Sigler shares baby joy & wedding plans

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    SheKnows Girl Crush of the Month, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, shares her excitement over her pregnancy and impending nuptials — and reveals...
  10. Entertainment

    New Girl’s Hannah Simone talks cats, fondue and why Schmidt doesn't deserve Cece

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    We have a New Girl Crush! The gorgeous Hannah Simone talks life, love and New Girl 's success with SheKnows.
  11. Diet

    Maria Menounos’ favorite diet tip

    Want to learn a diet secret that Maria Menounos relies on to stay in shape? Our favorite Extra host and Girl Crush for February...
  12. Workouts

    Maria Menounos shoots, scores and stays in shape

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    What’s a former beauty queen doing on the basketball court? Getting in enviable shape, that's what! Extra host and our Girl Crush...
  13. Fashion & Style

    Maria Menounos shares her red-carpet beauty essential

    Maria Menounos gives us an inside look at the product she can't be without on the red carpet.
  14. Cooking & Entertaining

    Maria Menounos' favorite guilty pleasure food

    Our February Girl Crush, Maria Menounos, filled us in on all of her favorites, including her love of a particularly cheesy snack....
  15. Well-being

    Make like Maria Menounos and pamper yourself at home

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    Even the busiest women can fit “me time” into their lifestyle. Maria Menounos, the beautiful host of Extra and our Girl Crush for...
  16. Tips & Advice

    Maria Menounos: My parents inspire me

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    Maria Menounos wears many hats, including talk show host, author, actress and Dancing with the Stars contestant. What’s her...
  17. Entertainment

    Maria Menounos shares the secret to her longtime love

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    February’s Girl Crush Maria Menounos juggles several jobs, five dogs and a relationship that’s been going strong for over 15 years....
  18. Drink Recipes

    Jenny McCarthy's go-to cocktail recipe

    We sat down with our January Girl Crush, Jenny McCarthy, over cocktails at Greenhouse nightclub in New York City.
  19. Entertainment

    Jenny McCarthy tells all: New late-night show, dating & motherhood

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    SheKnows Girl Crush and Alpha Woman Jenny McCarthy tells us all about her new show and how she’s balancing love and motherhood.
  20. Entertainment

    Sneak peek video: January's Girl Crush with Jenny McCarthy

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    Jenny McCarthy is back on the boob tube — no pun intended — joining late-night talk with The Jenny McCarthy Show . Find out what...