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  1. Gifts

    Gifts for the advocate

    Skip the commercial items this year, and give your advocate friend a gift that supports a cause you know will be meaningful.
  2. Gifts

    Gifts that make a difference

    The holidays are a time for giving, so why should it stop with one gift? These gifts keep on giving long after the holiday season by...
  3. Gifts

    Top 10 most extravagant gifts of 2013

    Ever feel like maybe you just have a little too much money? Are thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Problem solved!...
  4. Home

    Funny gifts for the clean freak

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    Everybody knows a clean freak. That one friend who makes you feel uncomfortable about the stain in your carpet or dirty dishes in...
  5. Having a Baby

    Gifts for new dads

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    Becoming a dad brings on all sorts of life changes. Help the new dads in your life ease the transition with any of these great gift...
  6. Health & Wellness

    Natural anti-bacterial soaps for the germphobe

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    Do you have obsessive-compulsive tendencies when it comes to sanitizing your hands and every surface in your home as well as outside...
  7. Makeup & Skin Care

    Beauty brush cleaners for the tidy lady

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    Whatever the ingredients in your skincare products, you're looking for serious trouble if you don't keep those beauty brushes clean...
  8. Shopping for the Home

    Great gadgets for the home chef

    With the kitchen gadget scene constantly changing, the cooking enthusiasts on our lists are some of the most interesting to shop...
  9. Shopping

    5 Gift ideas for the pet lover

    If you think 2012 flew by for us, think how it flew by for pets. Canine friends just aged seven years, and cats just witnessed one...
  10. Super Moms Guide

    Cute storage bins and organizers

    Clean freaks love organization, so give them exactly what they've wished for with bins that are functional and fashionable!
  11. Shopping for the Home

    Creative cake servers

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    Dinner party coming up? Have your cake and serve it, too!
  12. Shopping for the Home

    Practical but professional cookware

    If you're looking to buy cookware for the first time or are thinking about revving up your cookware collection, don't be intimidated...
  13. Gifts

    10 Gifts that give back

    'Tis the season for gifting your loved ones. This holiday though, why not give a gift that does a lot of good? These gifts that give...
  14. Gifts

    8 Gift ideas for the extreme couponer

    Extreme couponing is sort of like an extreme sport, with players angling for the best deals and combinations when shopping. These...
  15. Gifts

    10 Gifts for the fashionable shopaholic

    Looking for the perfect gift for the shopaholic in your life? These 10 presents are perfect for shopping lovers everywhere.
  16. Fragrance

    Fragrance gifts for her

    Perfume is a no-brainer gift for the holidays. This season, however, don't just pick any old fragrance at random; take the time to...
  17. Crafts

    Crafty gift ideas for the Pinterest lover

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    Do the crafters in your life spend hours recreating the treasures they find on Pinterest? Give gifts that help them create beautiful...
  18. Home Improvement

    The ultimate gifts for any DIYer

    Do you have a DIYer in your life who loves nothing more than a day of sewing, scrapbooking or working with wood? It's never easy to...
  19. Health & Wellness

    Gifts for the ultimate fan

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    Boost your sports fanatic's team spirit and love of the game. Whether she's relaxing on the sidelines or getting in on the action,...
  20. Crafts

    7 Great holiday gifts for crafters, scrapbookers & more

    If your friend is a serious crafter, it can be tempting to buy a gift card and call it a day. But if it’s the thought that counts,...