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  1. Kitchen & dining

    Fancy flatware gifts for entertainers

    If you have someone on your gift list who is in a serious relationship with her inner hostess, then special flatware just might be...
  2. Kitchen & dining

    Must-have serving platter options

    Give your favorite party planner beautiful serveware for her collection and watch her light up. Serving platter options are almost...
  3. Gifts

    Pretty collars for pampered pets

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    Complement your trendy trench or to-die-for tote and pamper your pooch by choosing accessories that make you both look good. Be the...
  4. Beauty

    Fashion & beauty gifts for the giver on a budget

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    As women, we tend to ooh and ahh over expensive gifts, but lesser priced gifts are just as appreciated. We know not everyone has...
  5. Electronics

    Accessories for the techno guy

    Your tech-whiz may have all the devices he could ever want, but just in case he doesn't we've come up with a few alternative options...
  6. Gifts

    Fun outdoor gifts

    Finding gifts for the adventurer in your life is simple; look for things he can use to make his time outdoors easier. From...
  7. Parenting

    Holiday gifts for the pet-loving family

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    Give the pet-loving family a holiday gift that proudly displays their devotion to their furry, feathered and scaly friends.
  8. Parenting

    Holiday gifts for the guy on the go

    Whether he's always on the go locally, traveling across the country or taking trips around the globe, give him a gift that will make...
  9. Toys and Play

    Holiday gifts for the outdoorsy dad

    If Dad prefers to spend his time outdoors, give him a gift that will complement his love of nature. For the outdoorsy dad,...
  10. Parenting

    Holiday gifts for the sports-nut

    Whether they spend weekends on the couch watching sports on TV or can't stay off the field themselves, give the sports nut in your...
  11. Parenting

    Holiday gifts for the tech-minded mom

    If your mom is never without her tablet or smartphone, give her a gift that she'll truly appreciate this holiday season. From...
  12. Super Moms Guide

    Holiday gifts for the athletic lady

    With the holidays quickly approaching, you want to make sure your athletic friends receive a gift they can actually use. They take...
  13. Super Moms Guide

    Holiday gifts for the adventurous woman

    For the fearless lady on your holiday gift list, look for something that will appeal to her adventurous nature. Whether she likes...
  14. Parenting

    Holiday gifts for the chef

    Whether she's throwing a dinner party or baking cupcakes for her child's class, the home chef always seems to be in the kitchen...
  15. Food & Recipes

    Exotic ingredients for the adventurous chef

    For the person who loves to get creative in the kitchen, a holiday gift of exotic ingredients certainly will be appreciated.
  16. Cooking & Entertaining

    Digital gadgets for the high-tech kitchen

    Digital appliances and gadgets make cooking a breeze. These holiday gift ideas are ideal for the high-tech kitchen.
  17. Food & Recipes

    Best equipment for the grill master

    If grilling is your giftee's passion, give a gift to make it easier or more fun. Check out these holiday gift ideas for the grill...
  18. Skincare

    10 Gifts that pamper the important women in your life

    Every woman enjoys a little pampering now and then. Okay, fine. We love a lot of pampering as often as possible. But we deserve it!...
  19. Gifts

    Gifts for your male BFF

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    Sometimes, we all need a little male perspective on life’s toughest issues. For the girls who keep their male best friends on speed...
  20. Electronics

    Stylish tech accessories

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    Let’s be real, in this day and age, no outfit (or tablet) is ever complete without a chic accessory. Take a peek at these haute...