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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Ellen Page to pastor: Less prayer, more girl hugs, please

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    Ellen Page's gayness is just fine; no prayers for her soul necessary. Check out what the actress had to say on Twitter to a pastor...
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    Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn: "I am a Mormon gay pop star"

    Tyler Glenn of the Neon Trees has a big announcement, and is excited to be able to come out to the world in Rolling Stone .
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    Divergent 's Theo James thinks it's time for a gay action hero

    Theo James is proud of his new film because of a strong female action hero, but he thinks things aren't changing quickly enough.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Neil Patrick Harris: "Girls still want to marry me"

    Neil Patrick Harris plays many roles, but the latest is bringing out all his insecurities.
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    Game of Thrones ' Kristian Nairn comes out? "I was never in!"

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    Kristian Nairn is not only gay, but has been his whole life. Find out why we're just now hearing about the Game of Thrones actor's...
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    How did Lance Bass come out to *NSYNC? By accident!

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    Lance Bass may now be an openly gay man, but it wasn't always so easy to reveal his sexuality to others, including his *NSYNC...
  7. Books

    Ellen Page and coming out in America

    In recent weeks, coming out has been front-page news. It began with NFL hopeful Michael Sam whose groundbreaking announcement put a...
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    VIDEO: Ellen Page comes out

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    Another closet door flies open: Actress Ellen Page has come out as gay.
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    Dale Hansen praises NFL player Michael Sam for coming out

    During a press conference on Sunday, college footballer Michael Sam revealed he is gay, and sports commentator Dale Hansen has sent...
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Martina McBride chooses to teach her children acceptance

    Martina McBride is joining the ranks of other country singers and teaching her children what she thinks is right, even if her fans...
  11. Tips & Advice

    Disney Channel debuts first on-screen gay couple

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    Disney took a controversial step when they chose to work a lesbian couple into a storyline of their popular show Good Luck Charlie...
  12. Television

    Disney Channel debuts first same-sex parents

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    The Disney Channel made history this week when it introduced two new characters — who happen to be a pair of same-sex parents.
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Sandra Bullock has a big crush on Emma Thompson

    Emma Thompson has played numerous lesbian characters, always opening herself up to rumors. But she finally revealed, if she were...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner marry after 42 years together

    Lily Tomlin and her partner Jane Wagner have been together since 1971, and walked down the aisle nearly 42 years later.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Brian Boitano: "We have to be careful" in Sochi

    Brian Boitano recently revealed he is gay, and is headed to Sochi. But how will he and other gay athletes be treated in the country...
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    Robin Roberts comes out on Facebook

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    Robin Roberts capped off a year of recovery by living her truth and coming out as a gay woman.
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    Glee star Dot-Marie Jones surprises guests with a wedding

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    Their friends thought they were going to a holiday party at Glee star Dot-Marie Jones' house. Surprise! It was a wedding!
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Figure skater Brian Boitano confirms he's gay

    He's headed to Russia, so Brian Boitano decided to publicly come forward about his private life. He's gay, but don't stereotype his...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    You just learned that your child is gay: 12 celeb role models

    There's a lot that runs through a parent's mind when they find out their child is gay. Will they be unfairly ostracized, ridiculed,...
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    Family Ties star Meredith Baxter marries her longtime partner

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    Meredith Baxter is a bride again. She and her longtime partner Nancy Locke marry after seven years of dating.