1. Gardening

    Canning Basics

    As some of our spring planting becomes ready to harvest, you'll need to find a way to store all those fresh veggies until you're...
  2. Gardening

    Garden Shade Cloth

    Just like people outside working in the garden, fruits and vegetables can get sunburned .  Some areas of the country, especially...
  3. Gardening

    Snap 'n Shape

    You throw your heart into your vegetable garden. Everything in your garden is grown with love, but wouldn't it be fun if the fruits...
  4. Gardening

    6 Eco-friendly landscaping tips

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    Saving the environment can start in your own backyard when you discover how to landscape with an eco-friendly design that will go...
  5. Gardening

    Crop Rotation

    Crop rotation is a system of deciding which vegetables to plant in your garden and where to plant them from one year to the next....
  6. Gardening

    Organize Your Garden Shed

    If you're like most gardeners, if you're not actually outdoors digging in the dirt, you're probably tooling around in your shed ,...
  7. Gardening

    Self-Watering Containers

    If you're a bit of a "black thumb" or have a vast collection of container gardens that take forever to water, self-watering...
  8. Gardening

    Blossom-End Rot

    Blossom-end rot is a fruit disorder that affects members of the nightshade family, especially tomatoes, eggplants and peppers....
  9. Gardening

    5 Spring backyard maintenance tips

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    Was yard work the last thing on your mind this winter? Then bring spring cleaning outdoors and get your backyard in order! From lawn...
  10. Gardening

    Signs of Over-Fertilizing

    As plants grow, they require occasional nutrient boosts from fertilizer to keep them going strong and healthy. But more is not...
  11. Gardening

    DIY Compost Tumbler

    Composting is an excellent way to create nutritious fertilizer for your garden while reducing your family's landfill contribution....
  12. Gardening

    Make a Recycled Birdbath

    A birdbath can add a beautiful focal point to your garden or backyard. Birds are also lots of fun to watch, especially when you're...
  13. Gardening

    National Public Gardens Day

    Denver Botanic Garden, Water Smart Garden (Denver, Colorado)  May 6, 2011 is National Public Gardens Day ! This day is an...
  14. Gardening

    When is a tomato ripe?

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    Tomatoes are one of the most popular veggies for home growers, and if you've grown tomatoes before, you certainly know the...
  15. Gardening

    Celebrate National Public Gardens Day

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    National Public Gardens Day is May 6, 2011. This national day is an opportunity to raise awareness of public gardens in the United...
  16. Gardening

    Attracting Butterflies

    Butterflies are as beautiful and delicate as the flowers in your flower garden. Mesmerizing for old and young alike, butterflies...
  17. Gardening

    Identifying Wasps

    Wasps can be a beneficial insect, although the sight of them often elicits fear in people--whether or not they are allergic to...
  18. Gardening

    How to landscape for your region

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    Before you pull on your gardening gloves and put your ideas for landscaping to work, you'll need to do a little research. According...
  19. Gardening

    Gardening with Allergies

    Allergy season and gardening season seem to coincide, and for people with allergies who really want to get out and start working...
  20. Gardening

    Edible Landscaping

    One of the biggest trends in landscape design is the use of edible plants to create a stunning landscape with function. One of the...