garage sale

  1. Home Improvement

    10 Things you should never buy at a garage sale

    While most items at a garage sale are worth your money (since they're so cheap), some items should just be bought brand new. Here...
  2. Organizing

    Make the most of your spring-cleaning yard sale

    Spring cleaning isn't just about deep cleaning bathrooms and organizing hall closets, it's about decluttering and getting rid of...
  3. Organizing

    How to have a successful garage sale

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    No one wants to do all the work to get ready for a garage sale and then have tables full of unsold items to bring back inside when...
  4. Organizing

    Tips for holding a successful yard sale

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    Hosting a yard sale offers several advantages. You can earn extra money, cut down on clutter within your home, and meet and mingle...
  5. Finance

    How to navigate the garage sale scene

    Repurpose, refurbish and recycle! Today, more and more people are transforming old furniture and décor rather than buying these...
  6. Family Fun

    How to turn your "stuff" into cash

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    There’s no better time to clean out the garage, closets, toy boxes and basement than springtime. Here, discover the most efficient...
  7. Tips & Advice

    Garage sale secrets

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    We all have favorite ways we make our family budgets stretch as far as we can. Some of us are expert deal hunters. Some of us are...