games for kids

  1. Family Fun

    Retro games your kids will still love

    Many of the games you loved as a kid are still being made today. Your kids will enjoy them just as much as you did, and you'll have...
  2. Toys & Play

    Decode your child's play

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    Your child's play is more than just a way to pass the time. Find out more about how play can help develop physical, emotional,...
  3. Crafts

    Peace at last: Create an I-spy bottle

    The traditional game of I spy is a fantastic way to pass the time. But if you have kids who aren’t quite old enough to play, this...
  4. Activities for Kids

    Valentine's Day party games for kids

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    Valentine's Day isn't just a sappy holiday for adults — kids can enjoy Valentine's Day too. If you are throwing a Valentine's Day...
  5. Toys and Play

    Best family games for each age group

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    Play as a family, and throw in a dose of learning disguised in all the fun.
  6. Family Travel

    Car trip games for kids

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    Are we there yet? How much longer? I'm bored! These are just some of the things you might hear your children say while on a family...
  7. Kids Activity Center

    How to create a rainy day activity box

    When bad weather has bored kids housebound, pull out an activity box to turn on some smiles!
  8. More Printables & Activities

    Fun games with free printables

    Fun games and activities to keep kids busy and happy are just a click away! Find printable fun on the internet at no cost!
  9. Activities for Kids

    3 Games from your childhood that your kids will love

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    Remember those fun games from your own childhood? Well, brush off your skills and get ready, because those games are still fun. Here...
  10. Family Activities

    How to plan an educational game night

    Who says game night can't combine both family fun and an educational opportunity? There are many family board games that your...
  11. Preschoolers

    Counting games for preschoolers

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    Before you send your little ones off to school, help them learn the basics of number recognition, counting and math at home with...
  12. Age by Age

    Online arcade games for kids

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    Summer screen time doesn't have to mean buying the latest game console or heading to the arcade and spending a lot of money. From...
  13. Family Activities

    Fun counting games

    Before your child can add and subtract, they need to count. Start at a young age and teach your child about numbers with fun,...
  14. Family Activities

    Letter games for preschoolers

    Engage your children with fun, educational games and activities during their preschool years. Play these letter games with your kids...
  15. SheKnows Cares

    7 Creative playground games for kids

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    When your usual repertoire of playground games just doesn’t do the trick, let your creativity take over. Playing these seven...