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  1. Gifts

    Top 10 most extravagant gifts of 2013

    Ever feel like maybe you just have a little too much money? Are thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Problem solved!...
  2. Shopping for the Home

    Great gadgets for the home chef

    With the kitchen gadget scene constantly changing, the cooking enthusiasts on our lists are some of the most interesting to shop...
  3. Living

    5 A-dork-able gifts for the gadget guru

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    It’s always hard to know what to give the nerd in your life. The reality is, they’re not as hard to shop for as you think. Check out...
  4. Living

    Top tech gifts of 2013

    Do you have a special someone in your life who always has the latest and greatest in technology? Finding a gift for that person can...
  5. Gifts

    Guy gifts for a man who likes to get his hands dirty

    Some men have better manicured nails than we do, some have a perpetual layer of grime on their hands. If your guy falls into the...
  6. Electronics

    Top tech gifts for him

    Shopping for a guy who geeks out over the latest gadgets? Wrap up one of this year's hot tech gifts for your favorite digital dude.
  7. Clothing

    Designer accessories for her

    Put the perfect accessories under her Christmas tree!
  8. Electronics

    Accessories for the techno guy

    Your tech-whiz may have all the devices he could ever want, but just in case he doesn't we've come up with a few alternative options...
  9. Parenting

    Holiday gifts for the tech-minded mom

    If your mom is never without her tablet or smartphone, give her a gift that she'll truly appreciate this holiday season. From...
  10. Cooking & Entertaining

    Digital gadgets for the high-tech kitchen

    Digital appliances and gadgets make cooking a breeze. These holiday gift ideas are ideal for the high-tech kitchen.
  11. Electronics

    Stylish tech accessories

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    Let’s be real, in this day and age, no outfit (or tablet) is ever complete without a chic accessory. Take a peek at these haute...
  12. Electronics

    Great e-reader accessories for the techie

    E-readers are a fantastic way to transport dozens of books in one compact device, and odds are you know someone who is fully...
  13. Gifts

    What to buy for your manly man

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    Your man puts out fires, reaches high shelves and takes out the garbage — he's a manly man, and that's the way he likes it. But...
  14. Shopping

    Techy gifts for your guy

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    Is your man a gadget fiend? The holidays are creeping up very soon, and chances are his wish list involves a whole bunch of snazzy...
  15. Electronics

    Sophisticated finds for the tech-savvy

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    Modern technology is all about elegance. Find innovative tech gifts that are sensible and sophisticated.