1. Home

    Upcycle your old living room furniture

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    Sometimes, all it takes to make old furniture like new again is a little elbow grease, some creativity and a little help from garage...
  2. Décor & Style

    A step-by-step guide to styling a nursery

    Perhaps you've envisioned how your child's nursery will look long before getting pregnant. In fact, you may already have a Pinterest...
  3. Décor & Style

    Using slipcovers to update your look

    Slipcovers are not what they used to be. Memories of sitting on that stiff floral sheet covering Aunt Norma's couch and wondering...
  4. K-12

    The kids’ table rocks

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    It’s crucial for your kids to have autonomy at home, and child-sized furniture and activities that your children can do...
  5. Outdoor Living

    Outdoor furniture you can invite inside

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    Outdoor furniture has come a long way since the old metal furniture of our childhood. Outdoor rooms now rival indoor spaces as...
  6. Décor & Style

    5 Stylish solutions for extra seating space

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    Love hosting get-togethers at your place, but worry that you won't have enough seating space? We found five great ideas so you'll...
  7. Décor & Style

    Design ideas for a shared bedroom

    When siblings must share a space, how can parents make the room livable, spacious and organized for both children? It's easy when...
  8. Décor & Style

    2012 Trend Report: High Point Market

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    On April 21-26, designers, buyers and industry experts gathered for the spring High Point Market. Get an inside peek at what’s...
  9. Décor & Style

    The charm of a chaise lounge

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    Are you looking to add seating inside your home or in an outdoor area but are bored with the same old chairs and sofas? A chaise...
  10. Décor & Style

    8 Glamorous upholstered headboards

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    Upholstered headboards are a hot design trend for 2012. We’ve rounded up our favorite luxe-looking headboards that are big on style,...
  11. Relationships

    What your man’s decorating style says about him

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    A man’s home is his sanctuary, and you could learn a surprising amount about him just by analyzing his choice of decor (or lack...
  12. Décor & Style

    Guest room makeover ideas

    Let’s get real for a minute: Can you honestly say that you put the same effort and creativity into decorating your guest bedroom as...
  13. Décor & Style

    How to give your furniture a facelift

    Buying new furniture can certainly be exciting, but so can transforming the look of pieces you’ve had for years, acquired from loved...
  14. Décor & Style

    5 Furry furniture finds for the comfort seeker

    Could there be anything more indulgently relaxing than sinking into a couch that not only offers cushy comfort but also sends waves...
  15. Décor & Style

    Alice in Wonderland-inspired home décor

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    Even if you can't literally live in a fairytale world, you can still decorate your home so it's a fairytale haven. When reality is...
  16. Décor & Style

    Décor your man despises

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    Is your home’s décor guy-friendly? Probably not, if you’re the kind of gal who drapes leopard-print throws on the back of your couch...
  17. Finance

    How to navigate the garage sale scene

    Repurpose, refurbish and recycle! Today, more and more people are transforming old furniture and décor rather than buying these...
  18. Décor & Style

    Entryway décor

    The second people walk through your front door, they'll begin to form their first impression of your home. That’s why you should put...
  19. Décor & Style

    4 IKEA hacks

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    Hacks are typically thought of in technology circles, but they are prevalent in the decor industry too. Since furniture hacking can...
  20. Décor & Style

    5 Tips for stylish minimalist décor

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    If you agree with Leonardo da Vinci that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, a home with minimalist style is for you. Though...