1. Entertaining

    Friendsgiving favorites: Dishes to pass and share

    Sharing great meals and memories is what Friendsgiving is all about. In addition to turkey, try these tasty appetizers and side...
  2. Entertaining

    How to start your own Friendsgiving

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    Starting the tradition of Friendsgiving -- gathering with friends around Thanksgiving or even on that day -- is a great way to...
  3. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Skip the stuffing! 5 Savory sides for a fun Friendsgiving

    Whether you're having a quiet holiday dinner at home or taking a dish to a potluck, you'll love these quick, updated side dishes.
  4. Hostess Tips

    5 Reasons a Friendsgiving rocks!

    Admit it. You told your mom you can’t get home for Thanksgiving because of roads, weather, finances, work, you became a vegetarian...