french fries

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    6 Foods that think they're french fries

    After a grassroots campaign that included phone calls, a petition and general social media hubbub, Burger King is giving...
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    Super-easy french fries alla carbonara

    Reminiscent of carbonara but without eggs, these fries don't shy away from flavor. Once you pop one into your mouth, you will never...
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    VIDEO: Simple homemade fries

    Leave the limp and greasy fries to the fast food chains. Skip the drive-through, and cook up mounds of delicious and crispy homemade...
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    Baked chipotle cheese fries

    Amp up a boring plate of fries with spicy chipotle cheese sauce, cilantro and Mexican crema.
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    Baked garlic truffle fries

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    Make your french fries a gourmet affair by adding garlic and truffle oil.
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    Baked garlic cilantro fries

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    Homemade french fries are delicious, but you don't have to fry them. These baked fries are sprinkled with garlic and cilantro and...
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    Baked potato wedges with Italian dressing

    The Italian dressing bakes into these potatoes giving them a subtle flavor -- perfect for enjoying french fry-style or as a welcome...
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    Taro fries recipe with sriracha ketchup

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    Tired of the same old spuds? Try these taro fries for a change of pace. An Asian root vegetable, taro is nutritious and hearty. The...
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    American vs. French Food

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    France is considered by many to be the birthplace of gourmet cuisine, which Julia Child introduced to millions of Americans in the...