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    Bates Motel review: The Norma side of Norman

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    While Dylan and Norma continue to fight about Caleb, Norman takes matters into his own hands. What happens next is the biggest...
  2. Television

    Bates Motel review: New suspect casts a "Shadow of a Doubt"

    Between puberty, blackouts and possibly being a murderer, Norman Bates has a lot on his plate. Unfortunately, the women in his life...
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    Bates Motel review: Season 2 off to a twisted start

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    There's no doubt Norman is a weird, twisted kid who takes mommy issues to a whole new level, but is he actually a murderer? Turns...
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    Bates Motel recap: Finale delivers Psycho's first murder

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    Norman Bates has finally reached his limit with sexy women who toy with him, and an unexpected victim will have to pay for her sins.
  5. Television

    Bates Motel recap: Norman Bates gets a freaky hobby

    Norman finds a new way to be the craziest teenager in town while Norma battles the aggressive men who keep coming into her life.
  6. Television

    Bates Motel recap: Norman Bates' first broken heart

    Bradley finally tells Norman the truth, breaking a little more than his heart and pushing him further into a psychotic meltdown.
  7. Television

    Bates Motel recap: The truth about Norman Bates revealed

    Another one bites the dust as Norma and her family defend themselves against Zach, plus a surprising secret from Norman's past is...
  8. Television

    Bates Motel staying open for business for another season

    Fans can't get enough of the Psycho -inspired Bates Motel and neither can execs! The prequel to Hitchcock's disturbing classic...
  9. Television

    Bates Motel recap: Norma Bates goes to jail

    Norma's relationship with Deputy Shelby can't save her when a severed hand appears and Norman gets lucky when he attempts to have a...
  10. Television

    Bates Motel preview: Secrets in the basement

    New mysteries unfold when Norman Bates discovers a kidnapped girl in Deputy Shelby's basement in the creepy fun new series on A&E.
  11. Television

    Bates Motel premieres tonight!

    Not enough murder in your life? Bates Motel has got you covered.
  12. Television

    Check into the Bates Motel with first trailer

    There's a vacancy at the Bates Motel and A&E wants you to check in. The cable network has premiered a new trailer for their upcoming...
  13. Television

    Former child star turns into psycho for Bates Motel

    Bates Motel has found its family. The main roles in the horror series have been cast. One is a former child star, the other is an...
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    Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore practice The Art of Getting By

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    Remember the adorable, big-eyed and very talented kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , The Spiderwick Chronicles and...
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    Astro Boy stars Kristen Bell, Freddie Highmore talk icon

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    Kristen Bell and Freddie Highmore take SheKnows inside the world of Astro Boy . Astro Boy lands in theaters October 23 and its...