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    The Following recap: "Love Hurts"

    A member of the cult targets women with the same name as Carroll's wife Claire Matthews. Emma and Jacob are together again, though...
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    Glee recap: "Feud"

    Rachel's not pregnant, but her problems are far from over. Santana tries to convince Rachel that Brody is bad news. while Finn and...
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    Mindy 's Ed Weeks says he's not much of a ladies’ man

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    SheKnows chats with The Mindy Project’s Ed Weeks about his dating life and who he’d like Jeremy to hook up with next.
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    Mindy Project 's Ike Barinholtz says he may get real ink

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    Ike Barinholtz, who plays the oddball Morgan on The Mindy Project , chats with SheKnows about his eccentric character and his...
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    Fox's Goodwin Games sets May premiere date

    Fox's comedy, The Goodwin Games , has finally found a start time. Now, thanks to the lead actor, we've been brought into the loop!
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    Khloe Kardashian reportedly "not asked to return" to The X Factor

    The Kardashian has plenty on her plate, but it looks like she may have one less thing soon as sources are reporting she will not be...
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    Hold up! Has Fox canceled Ben and Kate ?

    Bummer! It looks like Ben and Kate has gotten the ax.
  8. Television

    Fox finally whacks The Mob Doctor

    Fox has put a hit out on The Mob Doctor . The network has confirmed that it won't order any additional episodes. The freshman drama...
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    Zooey Deschanel hits it out of the park

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    It was Zooey Deschanel's turn to sing the national anthem in Game 3 of the World Series. How did she do?
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    Mindy Kaling talks Mindy Project , Halloween, and Bill Hader

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    She may have created the main character in her new Fox series, The Mindy Project, but Mindy Kaling tells us "Doctor Mindy" is much...
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    Glee recap: High fashion and high drama

    STOP reading, DROP everything, 'cause I almost ROLLed over.
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    Glee Recap: Brittany, Cassandra, and Brody? Oh my!

    Another Britney Spears–inspired week for the Gleeks and Kate Hudson wearing a bodysuit? How about that new piece of eye candy, Dean...
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    Bones Season 8 premiere recap

    Ahhh... We can all breathe a sigh of relief because our favorite forensic anthropologist and special agent couple are back and...
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    Revolution vs. Mob Doctor: Which should you watch tonight?

    Both TV shows promise high-stakes drama, but which one is worth your hour? SheKnows takes a closer look at both shows airing tonight.
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    Fox's Ben and Kate sure to bring laughs

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    Sibling love is the best kind of love. Even if they drive you crazy, you still love ‘em in the end, which is exactly the kind of...
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    The Mob Doctor takes "the best of both worlds" to a new level

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    As if going to the hospital isn’t nerve-racking enough, FOX’s new series The Mob Doctor is sure to get you wondering about what your...
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    The Mindy Project to delight on Fox this fall

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    The Office writer and fan favorite Mindy Kaling is spreading her wings and flying a new network this fall with her sitcom, The Mindy...
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    Erin Andrews, ESPN split -- What's next for her?

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren't the only ones "going their separate ways." ESPN will have to find another piece of eye candy, as...
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    What's next for the Glee kids? Internships for all!

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    Now that the big two-hour finale of Glee is over, we think the New Directions make for great interns this summer.
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    Zooey Deschanel is bringing her blue eyes to Broadway!

    Though the season finale of New Girl was earlier this week, leading lady Zooey Deschanel is keeping herself busy between seasons...