formula feeding

  1. Mom & Dad

    New "breast isn't best" study has the potential to derail nursing

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    A new study claims that maybe breast isn't best. Can we take this conclusion at face value, or is there more to the story?
  2. Mom & Dad

    You are what you nurse: Does breastfeeding define motherhood?

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    It was “easy” to park yourself on the couch with your first child, nursing almost non-stop at times. Being that dedicated the second...
  3. First baby care

    Bottle vs. breast: Does how we feed our babies really matter?

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    How you choose to feed your baby shouldn’t be a decision that defines you as a mother. Unfortunately, the mainstream mommy culture...
  4. Baby & Toddler

    Is baby formula safe?

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    Walmart has yanked Emfamil formula from more than 3,000 stores across the country after the death of a 10-day-old boy in Missouri....
  5. New Moms

    What kind of water should I use in my baby’s formula?

    You’ve decided to feed your baby formula. The powdered and liquid concentrate formulas are a terrific alternative to the...
  6. Parenting

    How much formula does my baby need?

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    Every baby is different, and it can be challenging to figure out just how much formula your newborn needs.
  7. New Moms

    How often should I feed my baby?

    Your baby is here and she came without instructions! What and how you feed your newborn is your decision -- one that has to work for...
  8. New Moms

    Choosing the right formula for your baby

    The average supermarket formula section can be intimidating and overwhelming. With many claims and benefits offered by a variety of...
  9. New Moms

    New mom quiz: Which type of formula is best for you & baby?

    Are you an on-the-go type of mom or do you stay home with your baby? Do you enjoy convenience or don’t mind a little extra effort,...
  10. New Moms

    Adding too much water to formula & other new mom no-nos

    Becoming a new mom comes with many questions and every new mom needs a helping hand. It is no different when new moms begin feeding...
  11. New Moms

    How to introduce formula to your baby

    Mothers decide to introduce their babies to formula for many different reasons. For moms going back to work, supplementing or...