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  1. Food Safety & Nutrition

    Do food expiration dates really matter?

    Stop throwing away food that's perfectly safe to eat. We'll help you determine which foods are safe to eat beyond the date stamp —...
  2. Food Safety & Nutrition

    Beef recall shuts down California plant

    Do you have the latest news on food safety? The USDA recently issued a Class I (high risk) food recall for almost 9 million pounds...
  3. Cooking Tips & Trends

    9 Cooks who changed the way we look at food in 2013

    No movement advances without the efforts of visionaries, risk-takers, and supremely talented individuals. This is especially true...
  4. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Curtis Stone dishes on favorite foods, chocolate and more

    We don't know what we love more, his sexy Aussie accent, his timeless style, his food or his heart. Curtis Stone, the Top Chef...
  5. Eat Organic

    How to eat: October Unprocessed

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    Today we're interviewing Andrew Wilder, author of the food blog Eating Rules and founder of the food movement, October Unprocessed....
  6. Wine & Drink Recipes

    A guide to small batch American bourbons

    Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month this September by sipping on these made-in-the-USA small batch, artisanal bourbons!
  7. Food Safety & Nutrition

    Shocking: One-third of all food goes to waste

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    A new United Nations report reveals that one-third of the food produced every year goes uneaten. The excessive waste has a lasting...
  8. Cooking Tips & Trends

    10 Fall food trends we're already excited about

    With every new season comes a whole host of trends and, in this case, we're putting the focus on food and what's new in the kitchen...
  9. Nutrition & Diet Tips

    The push for greater labeling of high fructose corn syrup

    A hot button issue a few years ago, the furor over high fructose corn syrup has again reached a fever pitch. Advocates claim HFCS is...
  10. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Top 10 burgers from around the world

    Like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, we believe an amazing burger is more than just a piece of meat on a bun. It can completely...
  11. Food Safety & Nutrition

    FDA announces gluten-free labeling requirements

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    Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a decision regarding food labeling, in particular, voluntary labeling...
  12. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Top 10 creepy foods

    There are some foods that are bizarre, like cows brains and ox testicles, but then there are foods that are just plain creepy. We're...
  13. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Summer 2013 food trends

    It's tough to keep up with the trends, especially in the culinary world where new flavor combinations, ingredients and techniques...
  14. Cooking Tips & Trends

    5 Most unusual park and fair foods

    Summer is the time for travel, which means amusement parks and fairs have to feed millions. But much like the attractions, the food...
  15. Dessert Recipes

    The Magnum revolution: Cannes style

    What pairs with the south of France, sexy celebrities, fancy gowns and late night parties? Why, a frozen bar of Magnum ice cream, of...
  16. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Celebrate National Doughnut Day

    From baked to fried, glazed and dipped, small ones or bigger than the palm of your hand, doughnuts come in all shapes, sizes, colors...
  17. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    A look at Lean Cuisine's culinary roundtable

    Frozen foods haven't always had the best rap. However, the king of healthy frozen entrees, Lean Cuisine, is doing their part to...
  18. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Top 10 weird foods you should try

    We all know vegetables are good for you and fruits are full of antioxidants, but did you know that tuna eyes, raw herring and balut...
  19. Kitchen & Cooking Tips

    Free food on Tax Day

    Tax Day is April 15, 2013, and it’s time to get some free food!
  20. Nutrition & Diet Tips

    How bad are GMOs really?

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    Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are vilified by many. However, GMOs aren't part of some master villain's nefarious plan! Why...