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    5 Ways to make healthy food shopping easier

    We all have a million things on our proverbial plate these days. Unfortunately, being busy can have a negative impact on what we put...
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    6 Reasons you should start reading food labels

    It's no secret that the American diet is problematic. Obesity and diabetes plague the youngest among us. It is vital for me as a mom...
  3. Healthy Recipes

    Understanding nutrition facts on food labels

    Understanding nutrition facts on food labels is essential to making healthier food choices. Now's the time to start changing the way...
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    Reading food labels: What to watch out for

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    Food activist and author Michael Pollan says the number one food rule is, “Eat food, and avoid edible food-like substances.” Great...
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    Harmful ingredients to avoid in misleadingly healthy foods

    Do you know what you're eating? The kitchens of many well meaning, informed people are stocked with foods that contain potentially...
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    4 Food label myths debunked

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    While the front of packages and Nutrition Fact Panels on foods provide a wealth of information, the label lingo can get confusing....
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    Deciphering food labels

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    Now that you’re finally familiar with food labeling jargon such as fat free, calorie free and trans fat free, manufacturers have...
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    It's time to ban the "100 percent natural" label from foods

    It turns out that the "natural" label means almost nothing. You may be envisioning bucolic family farms with happy cows standing...