1. Food & Recipes

    Starbucks PSL: So what if it doesn't have real pumpkin?

    Pumpkin-pumped cookies, hot chocolate and smoothies are old news as pumpkin has taken on a whole new level of mania.
  2. Food & Recipes

    Yes, this is a black cheeseburger, and it's as weird as you think

    Oh, Japan. Thank you for constantly taking us on food adventures we never could have dreamed existed. This time, though, we may want...
  3. Parenting How-Tos

    Skip the store with these 3 no-cook baby food recipes (VIDEO)

    Getting to the store can be a challenge if you live a busy lifestyle. With these DIY baby food recipes, you'll be able to quickly...
  4. Diet

    5 Food additives scientifically linked to obesity

    Why are we all getting bigger? And why is it so hard to lose weight? If these questions were easily answered, we'd all have tiny...
  5. Food How-Tos

    Step up your cupcakes with this apple-inspired back-to-school idea (VIDEO)

    By adding a little twist to your average cupcakes, you can create fun "apple" cupcakes to get into the back-to-school mood. Treat...
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Everything you need to know to throw the perfect party

    Throwing the perfect party can be easier than you think, you just have to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Lucky for you, we're...
  7. Cooking & Entertaining

    17 Glorious deep-fried fair foods you can make at home

    Deep-fried fair food is notorious, and for good reason. Attending the fair is a once-a-year excuse to stuff your face with the most...
  8. Food & Recipes

    Fatburger lives up to its name by using meat as buns

    If you're all business about your burgers, then Fatburger's latest might just do the trick. Removing those pesky, carb-loaded buns...
  9. Health & Wellness

    Wal-Mart sells un-meltable ice cream — so is it safe?

    Ice cream melts. This is basically a law of the universe, right up there with gravity, the speed of light and the way your mom will...
  10. Diet

    The not-so-new diet that can cure pooping problems

    I've joked about how models take laxatives to go to the bathroom the way I do each day.
  11. Workouts

    Almonds as a performance enhancer

    Skip the energy gels, jellies, drinks and powders before your next run — now there's a new sports performance supplement. And by...
  12. Food & Recipes

    QUIZ: What hot dog topping are you?

    Come on, we know you're dying to know if you're more of a ketchup or a sweet relish.
  13. Health & Wellness

    Magic mushrooms may be the latest in health food — huh?

    Magic 'shrooms may not just be for trippy hippies anymore, says a new study published in Human Brain Mapping . The researchers...
  14. Health & Wellness

    Pestaurant tries to prove how tasty insects can be

    "Where's the beef?" may become more than just a funny saying thanks to a new restaurant that's switching out the meat in their...
  15. Health & Wellness

    Fire up the grill: Pink slime burgers are back

    It was one of the first viral videos: Who can forget all the news footage of machines spewing slimy "meat" that was a pink just shy...
  16. Cooking & Entertaining

    VIDEO: How to cut a mango

    With some simple knife work and a flip of your fruit, your diced mango seems to magically appear... Here's a fast and fun way to...
  17. Cooking & Entertaining

    VIDEO: How to dice an onion

    No more crying over uneven and amateur dices. Learn the technique the pros use for cutting onions the right way.
  18. Cooking & Entertaining

    VIDEO: How to cut a pineapple

    Canned pineapple is far inferior to fresh pineapple, but many would-be munchers are scared to grapple with this pointy Hawaiian...
  19. Food & Recipes

    Grilling tips for your Fourth of July BBQ

    Fire up that grill like a pro this Independence Day with these five grilling tips from some of our favorite chefs.
  20. Food & Recipes

    How to always have ingredients for a healthy meal

    Look, I get it. I gave my 2-year-old a bowl of cheesy goldfish for breakfast the other morning. But like most moms, I want to give...