1. Outdoor Living

    How to grow a sunflower or string bean teepee

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    Kids love to learn about how plants grow. Growing sunflowers or string beans is a great way to teach them about caring for plants.
  2. Outdoor Living

    How to change the color of hydrangeas

      Hydrangeas are a fascinating plant. The flower colors range from pink to blue, covering a spectrum of shades in between the two....
  3. Outdoor Living

    The best drought-tolerant plants

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    If you live in a hot and dry climate, keeping your garden lush can add up to big water bills at the end of the month. Several plants...
  4. Outdoor Living

    Give mom carnations on Mother's Day

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    For years carnations have been a popular flower for Mother's Day, but ever wonder why? See how carnations became a popular flower to...
  5. Outdoor Living

    Create a garden hummingbirds will love

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    Even if you think bird-watching is a little lame, there are upsides to having the winged creatures in your yard -- I can think of no...
  6. Outdoor Living

    Top 4 popular spring flowers

    Whether you are wanting to simply admire spring flowers from afar or are looking to select vibrant blooms for a bouquet or table...
  7. Outdoor Living

    How to care for tulips

    Spring is here and tulips are in full bloom. See what you need to know about how to care for tulips and what to do when the...
  8. Travel

    Where to see spring flowers in bloom

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    April showers usually bring May flowers. But thanks to unseasonably warm temps, spring flowers have sprung a bit earlier this year....
  9. Décor & Style

    How to arrange spring flowers

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    We've all memorized those formal rules for arranging flowers -- and now it's time to forget them. Arranging flowers should be fun,...
  10. Outdoor Living

    Fall Blooming Flowers

    Just because summer is long gone doesn't mean you can't have some color in your garden. There are plenty of options for fall flowers...
  11. Outdoor Living

    Planting Wildflowers

    A wildflower garden brings natural color and beauty to your yard. Best of all, since wildflowers are wild and adapted to native...
  12. Outdoor Living

    Designing a Flower Garden

    Designing a flower garden can be an intimidating task, especially if you're not artistically inclined. When you buy nursery...
  13. Family Fun

    Kid-friendly gardening projects

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    There's nothing better than fresh air and dirt to help create childhood memories.Why not get outside for some kid-friendly gardening...
  14. Outdoor Living

    National Rose Month: Stop and smell the roses

    June is National Rose Month, so what better way to celebrate than to add some roses to your life?
  15. Outdoor Living

    Pruning Roses

    Pruning rose bushes can be intimidating, but the process is essential to keeping the plant healthy and growing. Have some...
  16. Outdoor Living

    Easy Flowers to Grow

    If you're just starting out with flower gardening , it's a good idea to choose flowers that will not only look great but are...
  17. Outdoor Living

    Celebrate National Public Gardens Day

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    National Public Gardens Day is May 6, 2011. This national day is an opportunity to raise awareness of public gardens in the United...
  18. Mother's Day

    Best types of flowers for Mother's Day

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    Mother's Day is right around the corner. Have you bought your mom a gift yet? Give your mother a special bouquet, taking into...
  19. Outdoor Living

    Kate Middleton's Bouquet

    Wasn't she beautiful? The new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton , was nothing less than we expected---a picture of elegance on...
  20. Outdoor Living

    Organic Royal Wedding Flowers

    We already know that William and Kate are a new breed of royals. This down-to-earth young royal couple are very modern and have...