1. Décor & Style

    Flowers bring local flavor home

    There's nothing that brightens a home more than freshly picked flowers. Pike Place Public Market offers Seattle locals a chance to...
  2. Outdoor Living

    White, pink and purple roses that are perfect for your garden

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    Roses have a bad rap for being high maintenance, time consuming and, let's face it, a wee bit old-fashioned. But these gorgeous...
  3. Outdoor Living

    7 Perennial flowers for your spring garden

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    Now is the time to get in your garden and pretty up your green space so you have the most enviable flowers on the block when summer...
  4. Living

    101 Different ways to make paper flowers

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    Whether you want to pretty-up your home or scrapbooking pages, or gift a beautiful handmade bouquet, you are sure to find the...
  5. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    How to make a flower pot Halloween costume

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    Flowers make every girl happy; follow these easy steps to make an adorable flower pot costume this Halloween! With a little bit of...
  6. Crafts

    DIY felt flowers

    Fresh flowers are beautiful but do not last very long. Why not make a fun, colorful felt flower to use as a pin or to put in your...
  7. Outdoor Living

    DIY to-do's: 6 Expert tips for your outdoor project

    Whether or not you have a natural green thumb, there is no need to fret this summer. The perfect garden space is at your fingertips!...
  8. Home

    Cute live plant gifts for every occasion

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    Want to give a great gift that is inexpensive, lasts for years to come and keeps on giving? Here are great ideas for gifts that not...
  9. Mother's Day

    Beyond just flowers: Precious plants for Mom

    Say goodbye to the traditional bouquet of bright daisies for Mother's Day and give Mom a gift that she will enjoy year round. Here...
  10. Weddings

    What to ask your wedding vendors

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    A breakdown of what questions to ask before walking down the aisle.
  11. Outdoor Living

    Household tricks for keeping flowers fresh

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    If your sweetie shelled out big bucks getting a beautiful floral arrangement for you, make them last as long as possible. Here are...
  12. Outdoor Living

    Dead husband sends Valentine flowers

    Ready to have your heart melt? Read about the Texas woman who still receives Valentine's Day flowers from her deceased husband....
  13. Outdoor Living

    3 Favorite flowering indoor plants

    If dreary winter days have you down, consider buying one of these favorite flowering indoor plants for an instant dose of color and...
  14. Outdoor Living

    Fall window box ideas

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    The seasons they are a-changin' and it's time to brighten up the front of your house by giving it some fall flair. From mums to mini...
  15. Outdoor Living

    4 Popular fall flowers

    Planting a few of these fall flowers in your garden will keep the color going strong as autumn arrives.
  16. Outdoor Living

    Planting mums for fall

      While most flowers tend to take a break from their showy blooms once the weather turns cool, mums continue to be a showstopper...
  17. Outdoor Living

    Planning your spring bulb garden

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    With fall arriving, your summer flowers are starting to fade as the air gets cooler. Now is the perfect time to start planning your...
  18. Outdoor Living

    Picking garden colors

      Color is often one of the most important aspects to consider when designing your garden and landscape design. Get some quick tips...
  19. Outdoor Living

    5 Best flowers to grow for home bouquets

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    Who doesn't love a fresh bouquet of flowers in the house? What if you could cut your own from your flower garden? Keep reading for...
  20. Outdoor Living

    How to grow a sunflower or string bean teepee

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    Kids love to learn about how plants grow. Growing sunflowers or string beans is a great way to teach them about caring for plants.