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    7 Perennial flowers for your spring garden

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    Now is the time to get in your garden and pretty up your green space so you have the most enviable flowers on the block when summer...
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    Fall Blooming Flowers

    Just because summer is long gone doesn't mean you can't have some color in your garden. There are plenty of options for fall flowers...
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    Sunflowers in the City

    The Downtown Phoenix Roosevelt Row district is an eclectic combination of funky cafes, art galleries and music studios. As a...
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    Help Save the Bees!

    If you've noticed that bees aren't frequenting your garden like they did in years past, you're not alone. Scientists and researchers...
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    Prepare Soil for Spring Bulbs

    Although blooms won't appear until spring, late summer is the time to get your soil ready for spring bulb flowers .
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    Summer Rose Care

    Roses are popular plants in flower gardens all over the country. For the best results, roses need some extra TLC in the summer...
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    Planting Wildflowers

    A wildflower garden brings natural color and beauty to your yard. Best of all, since wildflowers are wild and adapted to native...
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    Designing a Flower Garden

    Designing a flower garden can be an intimidating task, especially if you're not artistically inclined. When you buy nursery...
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    Window Boxes

    Window boxes are an ideal way to add a container garden to small spaces. They're also a great way to add color to your home, no...
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    Deadheading Flowers

    You don't need tie dye and dancing bears to be a deadhead in your own backyard. Deadheading is an important task for any gardener...
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    Attracting Bees

    Growing garden vegetables is a whole lot easier when you have honeybees to help with pollination. For one reason or another, some...
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    Sunflower Varieties

    Tall, bright sunflowers make a beautiful summer garden border or background. Growing sunflowers is easy enough, but with over 80...
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    Pruning Roses

    Pruning rose bushes can be intimidating, but the process is essential to keeping the plant healthy and growing. Have some...
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    Red, White and Blue Garden

    You can show your patriotism in your clothes or how you decorate the home, how about in the garden? Consider planting a combination...
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    Get your garden vacation-ready

    When you leave for a week or more on summer vacation, you find someone to care for the pets, check the mail or even house sit. But...
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    Summer Garden Ideas

    By mid-summer your garden is pretty much in full swing, but there's always more you can add if you feel like making a change....
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    Easy Flowers to Grow

    If you're just starting out with flower gardening , it's a good idea to choose flowers that will not only look great but are...
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    Quick Backyard Makeovers

    If your backyard is looking a little lackluster but you just don't have time to give it the attention it deserves, there's still...
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    Attracting Butterflies

    Butterflies are as beautiful and delicate as the flowers in your flower garden. Mesmerizing for old and young alike, butterflies...
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    Choosing Nursery Plants

    Browsing the aisles of a plant nursery is one of the greatest shopping pleasures for gardeners. And buying nursery stock for...