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    Flight soars to No.1 DVD release this week

    Take a look at our favorite DVD releases for the coming week. We've got you covered, from compelling dramas to romantic comedies and...
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    Can an actor from the old boys club stage a SAG coup

    From Kevin Costner for Hatfields & McCoys to Alan Arkin for Argo , the 2013 SAG nomination list is filled with seasoned actors....
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    Skyfall slays weekend box office

    Big surprise: James Bond and Skyfall smoke the competition.
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    Denzel Washington's movie Flight hits some turbulence

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    Anheuser-Busch is not impressed with its brand's portrayal in the latest Denzel Washington movie.
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    Wreck-It Ralph dominates weekend box office

    Holiday movie season has officially hit theaters, with the premieres of Wreck-It Ralph and Flight setting the pace for a promising...
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    Wreck-It Ralph brings in almost $50 million over the weekend

    The Disney cartoon broke a record at the box office, and many are pointing to Hurricane Sandy as a reason for the high theater...
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    Denzel Washington pilots quite the Flight

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    Denzel Washington adds another character type to his acting arsenal.
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    Flight movie review: Denzel goes on one hell of a ride

    With one of the most impressively terrifying plane crashes ever put on film, Denzel is at his best playing the complicated anti-hero...
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    New Flight spot released

    Eager for Flight to land in a theater near you? Air traffic control has scheduled the release for Nov. 2, but we managed to snag...
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    Flight trailer: Denzel Washington soars in thrilling air drama

    In Flight , Oscar-winner Denzel Washington plays a wounded pilot who heroically saves a flight filled with passengers when his...