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  1. Exercise & Fitness

    5 Ways to pump up your plank

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    While the plank may be one of the best total-body exercises, its benefits begin to decrease as you get better at doing it. Try these...
  2. Exercise & Fitness

    4 Rip training exercises for beginners

    Learn how to set up your Rip Trainer anywhere, anytime, and learn some basic moves to get you on your way to making your body your...
  3. Exercise & Fitness

    Olympian Summer Sanders' running tips: "Lube where necessary"

    Former Olympic swimmer turned marathon runner Summer Sanders shares her best running tips for busy moms.
  4. Exercise & Fitness

    8 Perfectly acceptable reasons for not working out today

    We all have those days where we would rather watch TV or take a nap than hit up the gym. While hiding behind the newest episode of...
  5. Health & Wellness

    Best yoga poses for runners

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    If you're a runner, it's essential to take some time to stretch those stems... and what better way to do it than by rolling out...
  6. Dieting & Nutrition

    5 Health books that will open your eyes in 2014

    With a new year around the corner, developing and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle may be at the top of your to-do list for...
  7. Exercise & Fitness

    A deeper look at the importance of stretching

    Getting toned and feeling healthy are important aspects of fitness, but don't neglect stretching. Flexibility isn't just something...
  8. Health & Wellness

    Getting the most out of your running routine

    Feel like you're putting more into your cardiovascular workout than you're getting out of it? Identifying your goals and making some...
  9. Exercise & Fitness

    5 Total-body toning yoga poses

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    Feeling a little more flab than fab lately? Don't worry, I've got just the right yoga poses to tone you up in a hurry!
  10. Exercise & Fitness

    Fitness trend: The benefits of aerial yoga

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    Ever wanted to move around suspended in the air like Pink in one of her concerts? Believe it or not, that dream may be just around...
  11. Exercise & Fitness

    8 Things that can make your workout feel less effective

    So you’re in the gym breaking a sweat and actually having fun, but when it’s all said and done, you’re not satisfied with your...
  12. Exercise & Fitness

    Morning yoga poses for more energy

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    Let’s face it people, waking up is hard! And despite our greatest efforts, some of us just weren’t born to be morning people. Sigh.
  13. Exercise & Fitness

    6 Fat-blasting winter activities

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    Say no to hibernation. Instead, bundle up and get outside to get moving. We're sharing six fat-blasting winter activities that will...
  14. Exercise & Fitness

    Hottest new workouts and whether they are really effective

    With so many new and emerging workouts out there, it can be hard to know which ones to try and which ones to skip. If you’re...
  15. Exercise & Fitness

    5 Workouts that burn more calories in less time

    Moving in any way burns calories but sometimes a busy life calls for workouts that pack more of a punch. We're rounding up the top...
  16. Exercise & Fitness

    Toning exercises that work your entire body in one move

    Moves that just work one muscle? No thanks. We'd rather get more bang for our toning buck, which is why we're sharing five awesome...
  17. Exercise & Fitness

    5 Weirdest forms of yoga

    Sure, you’ve done power yoga and hot yoga and maybe even yoga on the beach or on a paddle board, but there are much more unique ways...
  18. Exercise & Fitness

    Yoga poses for skinny thighs

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    Look at those legs! The thigh area, especially the inner-thighs, can be one of the hardest areas of the body to tone. Try this...
  19. Exercise & Fitness

    Easy changes you can make to combat a sedentary job

    We all know sitting at a desk for hours every day can have a negative impact on our health and our waist line. That's why we're...
  20. Exercise & Fitness

    Best yoga poses for athletes

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    Sure, yoga might not be an athlete's first choice when it comes to working out and training, but that doesn't mean it still can't...