1. K-12

    I quit my job because I couldn't afford to work

    When my first child was born I fully expected to go back to work — but I couldn't afford to.
  2. Finance

    8 Bills you should spend more on

    Smart women know it's important to reduce costs whenever possible, but sometimes it pays to spend a little more.
  3. Finance

    Your super guide to spending, saving and investing

    It's a common fear. Women are masters of organizing their homes, multi-tasking with families and juggling multiple responsibilities,...
  4. Finance

    How money impacts your quality of life

    We hear a lot about the growing divide between rich and poor. But how much does money really impact your quality of life?
  5. Finance

    5 Unexpected costs you’re not prepared for

    Life is unpredictable, and when unexpected moments happen, they can be costly. Here are five unexpected expenses you probably aren't...
  6. Living

    How eating a french fry changed my view of the minimum wage situation

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    Each morning, it's the same. After a maddening commute in rush-hour traffic, I settle in at my desk and ready myself for another...
  7. Tips & Advice

    Use tax season to teach kids about financial responsibility

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    We teach our kids everything from tying their shoelaces to clearing their plates from the dinner table, but have you taught your...
  8. Finance

    7 Secrets your bank is hiding that could destroy your finances

    Banks often have stiff and seemingly impenetrable rules that can cause you a major issue if you don't understand them. But there are...
  9. Finance

    6 Free ways to prepare your taxes

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    Do you really need to pay an accountant to do your taxes? You may not even need to pay a service. These free ways to file your taxes...
  10. Relationships

    The $500 divorce

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    Divorce is messy and heartbreaking. But if your ex is willing to work with you on the financial implications of divorce, it may not...
  11. Living

    Child sponsorship: Food for the Hungry

    Now it's our turn to lend a hand. The SheKnows community is rich with resources, compassion and strength — and the children of...
  12. Living

    SheKnows partners with Food for the Hungry

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    In an effort to combat extreme poverty in its many forms, SheKnows has joined forces with Food for the Hungry. We recently traveled...
  13. Living

    Who handles the finances in your house?

    Money is a touchy subject in every household. We asked women to share who handles the finances in their homes, and the results may...
  14. Finance

    Make the most out of your income tax return

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    Your long-awaited tax return is almost here and you've already thought of a million ways to spend that check. Before you cash it and...
  15. Finance

    Strange tax return rituals we love

    If you are planning on getting a refund this year you probably already have plans for how to spend it — maybe pay off the...
  16. Television

    Tax time tips to help you get organized

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    Tax time isn't an enjoyable time of year for anyone, but filing your tax return needs to get done. That's why we're sharing a few...
  17. Living

    Spring clean your finances

    Spring is in the air — and we thought it’d be a good idea to not only spring clean your house, but also your finances....
  18. Finance

    Spring cleaning: How to handle unused credit cards

    In preparation for spring, we'll help you make sure you're not overloaded on unnecessary credit cards, with simple and easy tips to...
  19. Finance

    Does joint checking equal a better marriage?

    Do you and your husband share a bank account? If so, do you think it helps or hinders your marriage?
  20. Finance

    Dash out and donate

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    With just a few weeks left this year, you may be trying to find somewhere to give a final donation to help boost your tax returns...