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  1. Finance

    5 BS facts about saving money that everyone thinks are true

    Do you not make enough money to save any? Are savings accounts the best places to store money? Is a home a good investment? Let’s...
  2. Finance

    10 Risky credit cards to avoid

    Looking for a credit card? We found 10 cards most people should avoid at all costs.
  3. Parenting

    5 Tips for young adults on budgeting and saving

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    Do you have a young adult child who is getting ready to move ahead and start his or her adult life? Beyond the advice and...
  4. Finance

    Which checking account is right for you?

    Looking for a checking account that makes more sense with your current financial needs? We rounded up almost 500 checking accounts...
  5. Finance

    A shocking recap of gas prices over time

    No matter how old you are, you've likely heard your parents or grandparents complain about the price of gas. But how bad is it...
  6. Finance

    Should your teen have a prepaid credit card?

    Are you considering getting your teen a prepaid credit card? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you decide.
  7. Finance

    The biggest financial issues families face

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    All of us, at some point or another, are going to face a financial dilemma in our lives. Here are the top financial issues families...
  8. Finance

    How to become financially fit in 5 easy steps

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    After going through some tough financial times, Jordan Page and her husband have found the secret to making frugality fun. Their...
  9. Finance

    Easy ways to spend less in November

    It’s November! Time to get ready for Thanksgiving, finalize your holiday travel itinerary and finish (or start…) Christmas shopping....
  10. Finance

    Easy ways to spend less in October

    October has arrived — meaning Halloween is near and the holidays are fast approaching. Here’s how you can spend less...
  11. Finance

    We asked, you answered: How much do you save per month?

    Have you ever wondered how much money others are saving per month? Well, look no further. We asked a variety of individuals and...
  12. Finance

    Living without a paycheck: How to make ends meet

    Reducing your expenses has never been as vital as it is for those who are unemployed. Let's take a look at some creative ways to...
  13. Finance

    Bargaining for medical care

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    One of the biggest expenses most families deal with is medical care. Whether it's procedures that aren't covered by insurance or...
  14. Bargains, Savings & Shopping Tips

    Pretty penny: Expert advice on saving during the holidays

    If there is ever a time you want to find a great bargain and shop smart, it’s fall and winter. The holiday season is just around the...
  15. Finance

    Financial expert Brittney Castro's tips for women

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    A leading woman in the financial industry, Brittney Castro spoke with SheKnows regarding her mission to empower women on becoming...
  16. Finance

    Investing mistakes to avoid

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    Investing is crucial to your retirement and your future, but not everyone actually does it. According to Chief Economist Dennis...
  17. Living

    Best apps for the iPhone: Personal finance apps

    Whether you are looking to pay off your credit cards, start saving for retirement or just need to get a handle on everyday money...
  18. Tips & Advice

    Put this on your to-do list: Check your child's credit report

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    Before you toss junk mail with your child’s name on it, consider how that mail came to be. If your child’s name is in a...
  19. Finance

    Do you need a financial planner?

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    The older we get the more complicated navigating finances can become. Trying to understand health care options, retirement accounts,...
  20. Finance

    How to find barter options

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    When you exchange goods or services without using money, this is called bartering. This form of "sales" has really grown in...