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  1. Movies

    Gift ideas for the film fiend

    If you're shopping for a film fanatic this holiday season, look no further — we know what's on her wish list!
  2. Shopping Online

    Where to find vintage movie posters

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    When you're on the hunt for the perfect gifts for moviegoing friends and family, there's one gift option that rises above the rest:...
  3. Movies

    Create the ultimate movie lover's gift basket

    When someone in your life just can't get enough of the cinema, there's really only one way to please her during the holidays — more...
  4. Movies

    Etsy stores perfect for the movie lover

    If you like to shop on Etsy but thought there were no gifts there for the movie lovers on your list, think again. These stores have...
  5. Movies

    2013's Hottest films on DVD this holiday season

    Heading to the movie section can be a little overwhelming, but we've got a game plan for you that will make DVD shopping a breeze.
  6. Shopping for the Home

    Home-theater essentials

    If you're a family full of movie buffs, a home theater is a must-have. And with the small fortune you spend going out to the movies...
  7. TV & video

    Top 10 must-have gadgets for the rookie filmmaker

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    If you have budding filmmakers in your life, try one of these gadgets to help get their career off the ground.
  8. Entertainment

    Best entertainment gifts for the season

    Sometimes the hardest gifts to buy are those for the entertainment junkie. Sure, there’s the typical DVD boxed set or popular CD,...
  9. Entertainment

    Holiday swag fit for a superhero

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    Ka-pow! Superhero movies have hit the entertainment scene in a big way, with every character from Batman to The Incredible Hulk...
  10. Entertainment

    Gifts and gear to get you through a zombie apocalypse

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    Between bath salts and clandestine government experiments, an epidemic of the undead seems right around the corner. This holiday...
  11. Entertainment

    Merry Katniss: Holiday gifts fierce enough for Hunger Games

    Do you know some Hunger Games fans who think they're hardcore enough to survive a round in the Arena? Give them a fighting chance...
  12. Entertainment

    Wrap up romance this season

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    Has your relationship temporarily lost sight of the passion? Don't let your romance lose its pulse... keep things hot with our sweet...
  13. Electronics

    Accessories for the techno guy

    Your tech-whiz may have all the devices he could ever want, but just in case he doesn't we've come up with a few alternative options...