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  1. Father's Day

    Father's Day cocktails

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    For the dad who likes trying new things, drinking a trendy Father's Day cocktail can make his honorary day even more enjoyable. The...
  2. Father's Day

    5 craft ideas for dad

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    When helping your kids come up with a Father's Day gift idea, why not have them make something at home? Father's Day should be about...
  3. Father's Day

    Last minute Father's Day gifts for the eco-friendly dad

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    Here is a quick look at a few brand new items that could be just right for the dad who is living a green lifestyle or becoming known...
  4. Father's Day

    Tips for giving unique Father’s Day gifts

    Forget ties and coffee mugs, golfing and picnics. Add a little spice to your Father's Day this year with a truly unique gift. The...