father's day

  1. Cooking & Entertaining

    Shirt and tie quesadilla

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    This easy Mexican treat makes a fun, kid-friendly lunch for Father's Day!
  2. Travel

    Great Father's day vacation ideas

    Sometimes dear old Dad deserves a few days off! Here are the best Father's Day vacations for three different kinds of dads.
  3. Father's Day

    Gifts that every dad will love

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    Men can seem hard to shop for, but they really aren't. Provide your guy with a touch of style, laughter or practicality with these...
  4. Father's Day

    Top gifts for the fitness nut

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    Having fitness gear and gadgets is half the fun of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Treat the fit father in your life to one of...
  5. Father's Day

    Home-run gifts for the sports-loving dad

    Whether the dad in your life is a weekend warrior or a sports-lovin' couch potato, we have a gift suggestion that will make his...
  6. Father's Day

    Extraordinary gifts for the everyday dad

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    Just because you have an everyday dad doesn't mean he deserves an everyday gift for Father's Day. Get him something extraordinary...
  7. Father's Day

    5 Active adventures for the outdoorsy dad

    Get your active dad out in nature with these outdoor adventures.
  8. Father's Day

    All-star gifts for the all-star dad

    Your all-star dad deserves all-star treatment this Father's Day!
  9. Father's Day

    Make him feel special year-round: 5 Manly gift subscriptions

    Give him a gift that keeps on giving, long after Father's Day is over, with one of these manly gift subscriptions.
  10. Father's Day

    Man brunch: Serve Dad a manly meal

    Get Dad's special day started off right with an extravagant brunch of bacon, booze and more!
  11. Father's Day

    12 Father's Day gifts dads actually want

    Sick of being stumped on what to get Dad, or worse, buying him something you know he won't use? Get inspired with some gift ideas...
  12. Father's Day

    My dad said what? Crazy advice from Dad

    In honor of Father's Day and all the love we have for our dads, we asked readers to share the craziest advice they've ever received...
  13. Father's Day

    Wacky quotes all dads will love

    If you're lucky, Dad always brought a smile to your face with funny anecdotes and witticisms. Give Dad a laugh and a "thank you"...
  14. Tips & Advice

    Our favorite free Father's Day e-cards

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    Scrambling to find a last-minute Father's Day e-card? Look no further! Here are a few of our favorites, and where to get more.
  15. Tips & Advice

    Last minute Father's Day gift ideas

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    Father's Day is almost here. If you have yet to get your dad (or your hubby) a Father's Day gift, don't worry. Procrastinators still...
  16. Family Fun

    Father's Day traditions from around the world

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    Many countries all around the world celebrate fatherhood by observing a day for dads. If you want to put a new twist on your...
  17. Gifts

    5 Father's Day presents for every type of dad

    Dad has always given us everything we could want -- except maybe for that pony you wanted when you were 5, and if we’re being...
  18. Crafts

    Father’s Day shirt card

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    This year skip the real shirt and tie for dad and show him some love with a homemade Father’s Day card. Get step-by-step...
  19. Father's Day

    How to make dad look and feel great on Father's Day

    This year, help dad look and feel his best with gifts that energize, pamper and style him! This is one area that fathers usually...
  20. Tips & Advice

    Daddy's day off: The perfect Father's Day gift

    Every mom relishes "me time," but dads need a day off, too. From hitting the links to being pampered, here are top day trips for dads.