1. Living

    Brooklyn residents respond to signs that urge them to dress modestly

    Signs stapled to telephone poles are usually ignored by most of us (except for those featuring adorable lost kitties and puppies),...
  2. Beauty

    White after Labor Day is totally OK, and this look proves it

    Forget that "can't wear white after Labor Day" garbage. We love this all-white outfit, and we'd rock it 'round the clock — err —...
  3. Fashion & Style

    Decorate your own DIY jean shorts

    Give your jeans some new life for summer with a chop, sparkles and a little bit of paint.
  4. Sex

    Glow-in-the-dark lingerie you may actually want to wear

    When you hear "glow in the dark" you’re probably not conjuring up classy, elegant images. But think again.
  5. Fashion & Style

    DIY T-shirt to tank top refashion

    If you're spending most of your days at the beach or the pool this summer, it's time to get your wardrobe ready. Keep it budget...
  6. Beauty

    Fashion-forward ideas for this year's book bag

    Backpacks are useful, yes, but they are also a perfect way to show off your personality. Here are the coolest bags — for guys and...
  7. Fashion & Style

    15 Stylish shirts with Beyoncé references — because, why not?

    Earlier this year, I came across this mug and immediately made my 2014 motto. Low and behold, this is only a really, really small...
  8. Fashion & Style

    15 Peek-a-boo pieces for your summer wardrobe

    Are you brave enough to bare a hint of sexy skin?
  9. Workouts

    Super funky yoga pants spotted at Wanderlust

    Funky pants for the win!
  10. Fashion & Style

    Banana Republic has a new capsule collection you won't want to miss

    Set your calendars, ladies, because the Roland Mouret for Banana Republic Collection is almost here.
  11. Fashion & Style

    Would you rock these? Kristen Stewart's bell-bottom booty pants

    While K Stew's new cropped cut was all the buzz at Paris Fashion Week, we couldn't help but focus below the belt.
  12. Fashion & Style

    How to personalize a school uniform

    As easy as it might make life for Mom and Dad, kids are almost never fans of school uniforms. Luckily, there are still plenty of...
  13. Beauty

    Kate Bosworth launches iPhone app — it's the Shazam of fashion

    Kate Bosworth rode gnarly waves in Blue Crush and graced the pages of Vogue . Now the actress is venturing into the world of tech...
  14. Beauty

    Locker room looks we love

    Ah, gym class. The bane of every stylish teenager's existence. Only it doesn't have to be.
  15. Beauty

    Crossbody bags to match your weekend style

    The weekend is finally here. What kind of look do you gravitate towards on your off hours? Are you bohemian or minimalist? Feminine...
  16. Beauty

    Wordy outfits we love for teens

    T-shirts and accessories with words and phrases on them have a reputation of being cheesy or juvenile, but that's not fair. There...
  17. Beauty

    Miss Idaho bares all in a bikini — including her insulin pump

    Sierra Sandison recently strutted her stuff on stage in a glittering black bikini as she competed in the Miss Idaho pageant. The...
  18. Beauty

    8 Clutches you can bring to work

    Your go-to work bag is probably a tote stuffed to the gills with stuff you don't need. Free yourself by ditching the extra weight...
  19. Fashion & Style

    Dresses that turn transparent when you're tweeting or turned on: For real?

    Not quite as weird as Hammer pants, but it's as close as you can get. First up, a dress that turns transparent each and every time...
  20. Fashion & Style

    8 Fashionable accessories that spark social change

    Between sweat shops and blood diamonds, the fashion and beauty industries are notorious for social injustice. Buck the trend by...