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  1. Family Fun

    Family vacation fun: In-the-hotel activities

    When making family-friendly travel arrangements, it’s all about the destination and the memorable places you’ll explore together....
  2. Family Fun

    Quick packing tips for the whole family

    Heading out of town? Better get packing! Here's everything you need (and some things you don't) for the ultimate family getaway.
  3. Family Fun

    5 Family travel tips to make your life easier

    With the right preparation, you can smooth out some of the rough spots that pop up when traveling with young children. Snacks, games...
  4. Family Fun

    10 Things to bring on a family vacation

    Before you zip up the suitcase and head off for your grand adventure, check this list. Travel journals, cameras, snack trays and a...
  5. Family Fun

    7 Ideas for a last-minute family getaway

    Want to plan a last-minute vacation? Timing and flexibility are key to scoring the best deals in prime travel destinations. We asked...
  6. Family Fun

    How to have an awesome family vacation

    Planning a family getaway? This quick guide will help you choose the right hotel, keep the kids entertained and enjoy more merriment...
  7. Family Fun

    How to plan a fun vacation with another family

    Take your family vacation to the next level by partnering with another family! With a little planning, you can increase your...
  8. Family Fun

    15 Things that would make family vacations better

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    When asked what would make family vacations better, a good friend of mine answered, "no kids!" In lieu of leaving the children at...
  9. Family Activities

    Walt Disney World hikes prices — does it really matter?

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    Although many people are upset once again to hear that Walt Disney World has hiked its prices, does it really matter? The additional...
  10. Family Travel

    24 Hours in Burlington, Vermont

    On the outside, Burlington is a college town. Home to the University of Vermont, the city's foot traffic is comprised heavily of...
  11. Parenting

    10 Ways to keep exercising while away from home

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    Every family packs their vacation with lots of fun but also with lots of extra calories, thanks to dining out and indulging in...
  12. Travel

    Best family-friendly cities to visit

    Choosing a family vacation destination can be overwhelming. Narrow down your list with our top picks for the nation's most...
  13. Travel

    How to plan the perfect family weekend getaway

    Planning a vacation for the family? We asked travel industry experts and experienced parents to share their tips for planning the...
  14. Travel

    Weekend trip ideas kids and parents can enjoy

    You may be an experienced traveler, but traveling with kids is another story. Wondering how you can plan a vacation both kids and...
  15. Travel

    Be the fun mom! Surprise your family with a getaway

    Ever wanted to surprise the kids with a weekend trip? Well, what are you waiting for? We asked experienced parents how to pull off...
  16. Family Travel

    4 Inexpensive end-of-summer family vacations

    Summer's almost over! Before the leaves start to turn and the school bells ring, pack up the kids and head out for one last family...
  17. Travel

    Where to go now: Best late-summer destinations

    Why not take advantage of the last that summer has to offer, with an end-of-season getaway? We have the scoop on the best...
  18. Family spending

    How to avoid identity theft while traveling

    When vacationing in the sun, identity theft can be the No. 1 killer of fun. Identity theft is a growing problem in the world, with...
  19. Family Travel

    Modern-day treasure hunting: A guide to geocaching

    What is geocaching, you ask? It's the hottest new trend in scavenger hunts. It's fun, it's educational and it's an interesting way...
  20. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Charitable vacations: Have your fun and deduct it too

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    Have you always wanted to save the rain forest? Teach a child in a third world country to read? Offer your medical expertise to...