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    Top U.S. cultural vacation destinations for families

    When planning your family vacation, look for destinations where your kids can learn about the nation's history and culture. From the...
  2. Family Travel

    Cultural vacation destinations in the Northeast

    Cities in the Northeast United States offer plenty to do and see for tourists and residents alike. When traveling in the Northeast...
  3. Family Travel

    What to see in Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C., offers so much to do and see that it's often difficult to plan your trip. While visiting the nation's capital with...
  4. Family Travel

    Top museums in the country for families

    When vacationing, add a little culture to your trip by visiting some of the nation's best museums. From children's museums for...
  5. Family Travel

    Cultural vacation destinations in the South

    If you're planning a summer vacation down South, you'll find more than just outdoor fun, good food and Southern hospitality. Many...
  6. Family Travel

    Cultural vacation destinations in the Midwest and Great Lakes region

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    When vacationing with your family, look for destinations that offer cultural experiences, historic landmarks and educational...
  7. Divorce

    Planning a family vacation with the ex

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    Remember: "Fail to plan, plan to fail." This wonderful saying hits the nail on the head when it comes to ensuring a smooth summer...
  8. Family Travel

    Top theme parks in the country

    Theme parks offer fun for the whole family. When you're planning your vacation, consider visiting one of the top amusement parks in...
  9. Family Activities

    Kid-friendly vacation rentals

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    With summer fast approaching, families everywhere are lining up vacation rentals and debating on which locations are best with kids...
  10. Family Travel

    Best theme parks for toddlers

    Theme parks aren't all about thrill rides. Most theme parks also offer special attractions, shows and adventures for toddlers and...
  11. Family Travel

    Best marine parks and aquariums in the U.S.

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    Children and adults alike love to learn more about marine life at some of the country's best aquariums and marine parks. These...
  12. Family Travel

    Best waterparks in the U.S.

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    Cool off this summer by visiting one of the best waterparks in the country. These waterparks feature thrilling water coasters,...
  13. Family Travel

    Top camping vacation destinations for families

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    If you're planning your summer vacation, consider a family camping trip. Camping offers adventure, promotes family bonding and...
  14. Family Travel

    Best family camping spots in the Southern US

    Camping is a fantastic activity for family fun, bonding time and adventure. This summer, hit the road and head to Florida, Georgia,...
  15. Family Travel

    Best family camping spots in the Rocky Mountain region

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    Some of the best family campgrounds in the United States can be found in Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, where you can enjoy...
  16. Family Travel

    Best family camping spots in California

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    California features beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains and scenic deserts, offering a wide assortment of camping destinations...
  17. Family Travel

    Best family camping spots in the Southwest US

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    The southwestern United States offers gorgeous scenery and fantastic weather, making it the perfect place for your camping vacation....
  18. Family Travel

    Best family camping spots in the Northwest US

    If you're planning a camping trip with your family this summer, consider heading to the Pacific Northwest. You'll find beautiful...
  19. Family Activities

    10 New York state museums and cultural activities

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    New York state is chock full of museums and cultural institutions that not only grab kids' attention and pull them into the world of...
  20. Family Travel

    Family adventure vacations you never knew existed

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    If your definition of "family adventure vacation" is limited to crisis mode when you forget the portable DVD player, maybe it's time...