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    10 Rules you should have for family getaways

    As with most things in life, vacations are better with a few parameters. Set a few limits for your family so you can relax without...
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    Where to see the best gingerbread houses

    The trees are being trimmed, the stockings are being hung and the gingerbread houses are being built. Here are five of our favorite...
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    5 U.S. hot springs worth the dip

    From California to Colorado, Texas to Idaho, we are bringing you to five of our favorite hot springs on and off the beaten path, and...
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    Our 5 favorite U.S. small towns

    When you're traveling, one of the key things you're looking to experience is a new culture, as well as a way of life far different...
  5. Family Fun

    Cruising with preschoolers: Crazy or fun?

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    With four kids between ages 3 and 5, it's not easy to travel together as a family. However, it's not impossible. And my husband and...
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    What your family really wants to do on a weekend trip

    Don't let the end of summer signal the end of this year's family adventures. You can capitalize on family togetherness with a few...
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    Your weekend road trip checklist

    If you're dreaming of hitting the road without a care in the world, make sure the trip runs smoothly with the help of our road trip...
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    How to pick the perfect family hotel

    A hotel room is so much more than a place to crash at night. If you plan it right, you and your family can enjoy a hotel stay that...
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    20 Reasons to road-trip this weekend

    Too often, our minds are full of reasons why we can't just enjoy ourselves. For once, here's a list of all the reasons why you can...
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    Three-day road trip ideas

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    SheKnows wants to encourage the spirit of adventure in our readers by inviting you to get mobile with your families... and not just...
  11. Tips & Advice

    Tips for a stress-free, regenerating vacation

    Are you planning a quick getaway for Labor Day weekend, or a week away before the warm summer weather ends? Vacation is supposed to...
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    Educational destinations

    History lives! Before the kids return to the classroom, why not explore some destinations they've learned about in their textbooks?
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    Cheap and free family fun in Brooklyn

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    Manhattan — been there, done that, so fuhgeddaboudit. On your next visit to New York City, take a short trip across the East...
  14. Family Fun

    Brain trips: 5 Tips to help make family vacations educational

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    It happened when I was 13. Hauled off by my parents for an extended stay in Europe, I quickly found the shutters of my mind blown...
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    8 Kid-friendly things to do in the Twin Cities

    These eight fun and unique Twin Cities attractions and events are year-round fun for all ages!
  16. Travel

    Top 8 miniature golf courses in the U.S.

    Who says miniature golf is just for kids?! Not us! Check out the top eight mini golf courses in the U.S. the whole family will enjoy.
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    Fun car games for your family road trip

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    Instead of waiting until you arrive at your destination to bond with your kids, utilize the time on the road to enjoy some fun games...
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    Tips and tools for making traveling easier

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    Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, come prepared with tips and tools to help you avoid travel hassles.
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    Best portable snack ideas for traveling as a family

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    Every mom knows that the best defense is a good offense. Keep road trip whining at bay by preparing delicious and nutritious...
  20. School & Education

    Homeschool guide to family vacations

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    With summer almost here, vacation planning is in full swing. As homeschoolers, the learning does not have to end when we take off...