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    Why it's OK to travel with kids during the school year

    Let's say — hypothetically, of course — that you didn't get your act together in time for summer travel with the family.
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    Should you pull your kids out of class for an adventure?

    With the off-season travel promotions and the difficulty juggling work schedules, it is tempting to pull your kids out of school for...
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    These families gave up everything to road-trip across the country

    What if you piled the family in the car, said goodbye to your home and hit the road for months — or even years? Meet seven families...
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    Road trip: Should you rent a car or drive your own?

    Looking to save money on your road trip? Whether you are making a cross country trek to Wally World with the family or taking a...
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    10 Gorgeous places you'll enjoy more if you bring a car

    Some destinations are best enjoyed with a vehicle. When you plan these gorgeous trips, plan to take your car or schedule a rental.
  6. Tips & Advice

    Mom, keep these helpful bags on hand this summer

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    Summer is a big time for family travel, and having the right bag can make your trip away from home a lot less complicated. From...
  7. Family Fun

    Summer beach crafts your kids will dig

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    Give just another day at the beach an infusion of fun with these seaside activities for kids that go beyond surf and sand. From...
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    10 Traveling families to inspire you

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    Traveling the world with kids can be done successfully. Just ask these 10 globetrotting families.
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    Hotel amenities you loved as a kid vs. now

    Staying at a good hotel can make or break a trip. Looking back, it's clear our priorities in hotel amenities have seriously changed...
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    12 Awesome family travel blogs

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    Looking for some inspiration and advice for hitting the road with your family? These 12 travel experts make packing up everyone from...
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    9 Realistic tips for stress-free travel

    Planning a vacation and dealing with airport security can be stressful enough, but when you have young children the stakes feel a...
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    10 Travel activities that kids actually enjoy

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    When it comes to your family vacation, your list of must-dos will vastly differ from your kids'. In addition to seeing landmarks and...
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    10 Vacation ideas for thrill seekers

    While family activities like Legoland and aquariums are fun (fun-ish, anyway), how can you satisfy the thrill-seeking itch of your...
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    Top 10 Ecotourism destinations for families

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    Experience natural beauty the world over at some of the globe's most amazing ecotourism destinations for the whole family.
  15. Family Fun

    Family vacation fun: In-the-hotel activities

    When making family-friendly travel arrangements, it’s all about the destination and the memorable places you’ll explore...
  16. Family Fun

    8 Tips for the ultimate fun-filled family vacation journey

    Planning a family getaway is stressful, especially when it comes to pleasing every member of the family. (Are we there yet?) Here...
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    Quick packing tips for the whole family

    Heading out of town? Better get packing! Here's everything you need (and some things you don't) for the ultimate family getaway.
  18. Family Fun

    5 Family travel tips to make your life easier

    With the right preparation, you can smooth out some of the rough spots that pop up when traveling with young children. Snacks, games...
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    10 Things to bring on a family vacation

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    Before you zip up the suitcase and head off for your grand adventure, check this list. Travel journals, cameras, snack trays and a...
  20. Family Fun

    7 Ideas for a last-minute family getaway

    Want to plan a last-minute vacation? Timing and flexibility are key to scoring the best deals in prime travel destinations. We asked...