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  1. Television

    Family Guy heads to Springfield to meet The Simpsons

    It's going to be an epic episode this fall. Get ready for a crossover event for the two long-running animated series, Family Guy...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Who wore it better — Rihanna or Family Guy 's Peter Griffin?

    Rihanna is furthering her cause by making light of the situation — and what better way to do that than involve Family Guy ?
  3. Television

    Family Guy killed off Brian! Is he gone for good?

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    Fox's Family Guy killed off a member of the Griffin family this week. But is their beloved dog, Brian, really gone forever?
  4. Television

    TV's most dysfunctional families

    We're the Millers is on its way to a theater near you, but you don't need to pay eleven bucks to witness a dysfunctional family....
  5. Television

    Family Guy is headed to The Simpsons ' Springfield

    The Griffin family is going to Springfield. The Sunday night lineup at Fox will be shaken up, but for one episode only, when the...
  6. Television

    Fox renews Glee and a few more

    Gleeks everywhere rejoice. Fox has renewed Glee for two more seasons. Plus, some other faves will return as well!
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    One part of Jane Lynch is a big ol' superstar right now

    Actresses of a certain age complain there's not enough work for them in Hollywood, but 52-year-old Jane Lynch seems to be doing just...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Jack Reacher premiere postponed because of shooting

    With the country mourning over the tragedy in Connecticut, Hollywood has decided to put things on hold.
  9. Movies

    Seth MacFarlane: There will be a Family Guy movie

    Showrunner (and now movie mogul) Seth MacFarlane says he has the storyline all worked out in his head, and it's better than the...
  10. Television

    5 Reasons Seth MacFarlane will deliver as Oscars host

    He's smart. He's funny. He says (and sometimes sings) laughably inappropriate things. Oh, and did we mention he's kind of cute? Read...
  11. Television

    Jessica Biel to spend Valentine's Day with Family Guy

    What becomes of the brokenhearted? That's a question Family Guy tries to answer in its "Valentine’s Day in Quahog" episode. Next...
  12. Television

    Sofia Vergara to appear on Family Guy

    The Colombian actress will be working double duty and playing two characters in the same episode.
  13. Television

    Sasha Baron Cohen visits The Simpsons

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    Last week, Fox's Sunday night lineup, which included live laughs from Sons of Tucson , came in second in the ratings race, but Fox...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Palin Bashes Family Guy and Rahm Emanuel

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    Sarah Palin trashes Family Guy and Rahm Emanuel for disrespecting special needs children, but accepts Rush Limbaugh's use of the...