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    Matthew Perry is back for NBC's new series Go On

    Matthew Perry and his sarcastic attitude have returned to TV, with his new comedy sitcom, Go On.
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    Modern Family gears up for a new addition in fourth season

    One of the most popular comedies on television, Modern Family is back for its fourth season. Ed O'Neill of Married with Children...
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    Grey's Anatomy back for Season 9

    Season after season, ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy remains one of the best shows on television. Now entering its ninth...
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    Plot twists and more shockers in Season 2 of Revenge

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    Revenge is a soapy melodrama that features complicated affairs, amazing society events, murder, suicide and more. Fans fell in...
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    Dexter must-see Season 7 preview

    Dexter has become one of the most successful cable series of all time, drawing huge audiences and critical acclaim alike. Heading...
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    What's next for Castle 's Rick and Kate?

    ABC's comedy-drama Castle revolves around the lives of Richard Castle, a mystery writer, and Kate Beckett, an NYPD detective. Of...
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    Alicia defends Zach in season premiere of The Good Wife

    The Good Wife follows Alicia Florrick as she returns to a job as a litigator following a dozen years away from the courtroom....
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    Bones on the run to start Season 8

    If you aren't a fan of Bones yet, you need to find out what you've been missing. This could be the last season of the popular FOX...
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    Second season of Grimm as dark and magical as the first

    Grimm isn't your ordinary police drama. It's got a unique, dark fantasy twist where characters inspired by the Grimms' fairy tales...
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    Paul McDonald, Ray Romano join Parenthood for Season 4

    With smart writing and some terrific character development, Parenthood has grown to be a favorite over the past few years. Season...
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    Kelsey Grammer: Who's the Boss ?

    Boss , set in Chicago, revolves around the city's mayor, Tom Kane. Secretly battling a neurological disorder that is progressively...
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    Melanie Griffith to guest-star on Raising Hope

    Following a one-night encounter, Jimmy Chance's life takes a drastic turn as he goes from a pool man who parties every night and...
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    Private Practice set to begin perhaps its final season

    Originally a spinoff of Grey's Anatomy , Private Practice has been able to figure out a sustainable formula. However, this season...
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    Now married, Mike & Molly gear up for Season 3

    Mike & Molly is a unique sitcom in many respects. The two main characters met at Overeaters Anonymous and soon became a couple....
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    Meet the crazies from American Horror Story: Asylum

    FX has unleashed the cast of American Horror Story: Asylum . After a week of teasers, an official promo has hit the net. Get your...
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    Beauty and the Beast turns beastly into beautiful

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    The new Beauty and the Beast puts a twist on the traditional damsel-in-distress fairy tale. Changing the forbidden castle into a...
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    Welcome to the neighborhood! BTW, it's filled with aliens

    Moving away from friends and into a new home can be hard enough sometimes. But what if you relocated your family, just to put them...
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    Everything you need to know about ABC's Last Resort

    ABC has added Last Resort to its roster of new fall TV shows, and it looks like a mix between The A Team , Temptation Island...
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    Hayden Panettiere ready to sizzle in Nashville

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    Get your cowboy boots and plaid T-shirts ready... ABC's new series Nashville is going to be competing with the already successful...
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    666 Park Avenue promises to be devilishly good

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    We've all heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true... " but on ABC's new drama series, 666 Park...