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    Meet the men of Chicago Fire

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    The new TV season is upon us and if there's something to get excited about this fall, it's the men of the new NBC drama, Chicago...
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    Return to laughs on Fall TV

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    30 Rock , The Big Bang Theory , New Girl and more are back!
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    Power struggle: Revolution lights up Monday night

    In a futuristic world with no electricity, one woman tries to discover what has caused the worldwide blackout! Here's a recap of the...
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    Bones Season 8 premiere recap

    Ahhh... We can all breathe a sigh of relief because our favorite forensic anthropologist and special agent couple are back and...
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    The Vampire Diaries preview: Rise and shine Elena

    The Vampire Diaries' Elena, Stefan and Damon are kicking off Season 4 with some serious drama. Elena's humanity is slipping through...
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    Beauty and the Beast clip shows heated confrontation

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    Beauty and the Beast is coming. The series premiere is right around the corner, and we've got a clip from the debut episode. It...
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    Revolution vs. Mob Doctor: Which should you watch tonight?

    Both TV shows promise high-stakes drama, but which one is worth your hour? SheKnows takes a closer look at both shows airing tonight.
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    New Gossip Girl preview: "Everyone gets exposed"

    Someone's getting married on Gossip Girl. The latest trailer shows a top-secret wedding — and the gossip gang wasn't invited. But...
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    Arrow is the hand of justice in action-packed preview

    October can't get here fast enough. Next month, The CW will unleash its new action-packed series, Arrow. Based on the Green Arrow...
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    The New Normal gets a super-sized, heartfelt preview

    The New Normal is almost here! The comedy makes its big debut Tuesday night, and NBC is giving it one final push. The network has...
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    The Voice vs. X Factor : Which is better?

    The Voice returns to TV tonight in all its swiveling red-chaired glory, and drama is already a-brewin'. Following a last-minute...
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    NBC's Go On and Guys with Kids talk character quirks

    The fall TV season is underway, and NBC is pushing two of its newest additions — Go On, and Guys with Kids. Meet the casts of this...
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    CBS show Vegas gives a glimpse of Sin City in the '60s

    A lawman and a mob boss are pitted against each other in 1960s Las Vegas.
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    Fox's Ben and Kate sure to bring laughs

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    Sibling love is the best kind of love. Even if they drive you crazy, you still love ‘em in the end, which is exactly the kind of...
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    30 Rock returns for its last season

    Au revoir to the cast who changed Rockefeller center forever... Thanks for the many LOLs, 30 Rock.
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    The Mob Doctor takes "the best of both worlds" to a new level

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    As if going to the hospital isn’t nerve-racking enough, FOX’s new series The Mob Doctor is sure to get you wondering about what your...
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    Opposites attract in the new TV series Partners

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    This loveable, relationship-centered show is sure to please anyone and everyone. The main characters have amazing chemistry --...
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    The CW to turn doctor drama up with Emily Owens, M.D.

    The Dawson’s Creek generation still has the insatiable need for drama, and CW knows that. The network -- home of Gossip Girl and...
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    NBC's Animal Practice is out of control

    Between animals running rampant around the office and a quirky know-it-all vet, Animal Practice is anticipated to deliver quite a...
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    Revolution expected to be a huge hit

    Imagine life without electricity. No lights, no computers, no transportation… and most important, no texting (Noooo!). No one thinks...