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  1. Holidays & Seasons

    The Comfy & Cozy Issue

    Get thee to a couch, little blanket burrito. Wrap your lips around a pumpkin spice latte. Because we're giving you a taste of all...
  2. Television

    Gossip Girl comes back to life

    Gossip Girl recaptures its essence by merging its past with its present.
  3. Television

    Parenthood recap: Together

    The battle continues on Parenthood. So do broken hearts, true love, and the wonders of adoptive parenting.
  4. Television

    The CW: "More Beauty and the Beast , please!"

    Everyone loves The CW's awesome interpretation of Beauty and the Beast ! Even The CW loves it: They've ordered a full season of the...
  5. Television

    Beauty and the Beast preview: Happy Birthday, Cat

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    Beauty and the Beast returns for Cat's birthday and another hard-to-solve case. This time around Cat's...
  6. Television

    Gossip Girl recap: Portrait of absurdity

    Luckily, the cast can fall on smart and funny writing as the only thing keeping Gossip Girl afloat as the final season continues...
  7. Television

    The Walking Dead : Another episode, another massacre

    The Walking Dead has no problem killing off characters. This week, they stuck with tradition and axed a few series regulars. The...
  8. Television

    Check out Malibu Country & Last Man Standing

    The '90s are calling and they want their stars back. In the meantime, we might as well laugh it up.
  9. Television

    Nashville spoiler: Juliette is a thief!

    The drama never stops on Nashville! That's especially true for Juliette, as she tries to deal with being caught stealing nail...
  10. Television

    ABC brings the giggles when kids recap Revenge

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    What's more mind-boggling than the plot of Revenge ? The plot of Revenge through the eyes of grade-school kids. Still, they're...
  11. Television

    Sneak peek: Grimm 's Halloween special

    Murder, Blutbads and ghosts! Oh my! If you thought Grimm was creepy before, just wait for the Halloween episode!
  12. Television

    Beauty & the Beast Episode 3 preview

    The new episode of Beauty & the Beast looks like an action-packed time. Despite JT's best efforts, Vincent has a hard time staying...
  13. Television

    The Vampire Diaries sneak peek: Who bought a motorcycle?

    The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries calls for more fights, a "romantic" ride and a (possible) departure for one of the...
  14. Television

    Parenthood recap: I'll wait right here

    On this week's Parenthood: The Bravermans continue to deal with Christina's breast cancer, Max runs for president, Sarah & Drew...
  15. Television

    Stuck in neutral, Gossip Girl shifts gears

    The key to unlocking Gossip Girl's identity may have something to do with a character from the past. Nelly Yuki's return to the...
  16. Television

    Nashville Episode 3 sneak peeks: Getting hot under the collar

    Nashville is back with its third episode and things continue to heat up! Juliette and Deacon hit the sack, and Rayna looks like...
  17. Entertainment

    Emily Owens M.D. episode two: Sneak Peek

    The CW's Emily Owens M.D. made plenty of fans last week, when they ran the pilot. The brand new, lighthearted medical "drama" is...
  18. Television

    No-brainer: The CW wants even more Arrow

    Want to see more Stephen Amell in green leather? Yes please! The CW has ordered more episodes of the freshman series Arrow . After...
  19. Television

    Brace yourselves! Nikita Season 3 is 'very Avengers -like'

    After months away, Nikita is back to play. Friday night, The CW airs the season premiere aptly titled "3.0." A change is coming...
  20. Fashion & Style

    Happy Endings ' stylish stars: Elisha, Eliza & Casey

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    They’re known for their lightning quick wit, but did you also know the ladies of ABC’s Happy Endings have stellar style?...