1. Beauty & Style

    DIY Margarita face scrub

    An easy do-it-yourself face scrub perfect for the summer. The ingredients in this mask are inspired by a margarita.
  2. Beauty & Style

    DIY Piña colada face scrub

    This simple, three-ingredient face scrub, inspired by the fruity piña colada beverage, is sure to rejuvenate your face and leave you...
  3. Skincare

    The skinny on snail facials

    Snail facials have been crawling into the beauty world, and lots of ladies are shelling out loads of cash to give the treatment a...
  4. Skincare

    How to use your dinner leftovers for DIY beauty

    Cooking and beauty treatments are very similar — both involve a series of ingredients mixed together that benefit our...
  5. Skincare

    How to customize your skin care by "multi-masking"

    If you are like most women, your skin has different needs depending on the season, time of month or even by level of stress in your...
  6. Skincare

    The popularity of laser facials explained!

    Find out how laser facials can take years off your face and why they're a celebrity favorite.
  7. Skincare

    A trip to the Four Seasons spa in Scottsdale

    Are you new to the world of spas and pampering? Well, so am I! Join me as I try out a treatment at the Four Seasons Troon North in...
  8. Travel

    Top 5 holistic hotel spas

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    For many people scheduling the occasional massage or facial is considered a luxury, so imagine going on a trip out of town and...
  9. Skin Care

    Prepping your face for waxing

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    Prepping your face for waxing can mean the difference between a smooth process and one that isn’t as effective — or painless....
  10. Mother's Day

    Top Mother's Day beauty and spa gifts

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    Surprise the special mom in your life with gifts that pamper, indulge and spoil her on Mother's Day and beyond. "How a woman feels...
  11. Skincare

    Rejuvenate your skin with homemade facial cleansers

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    Making homemade beauty treatments can be fun. Using ingredients that are usually found in your kitchen, you can create homemade...
  12. Skincare

    10 Steps to clear skin

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    Acne is not just for adolescents. Blemishes and acne are just as unpleasant for adults as they are for teens. Get clearer skin with...
  13. Skincare

    Best spa facials for your skin type

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    Achieving glowing, gorgeous skin can be tricky business. There are a lot of things to consider, most importantly skin type. Every...