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  1. Love

    5 Things you should stop doing during sex

    Sex can be a wonderful experience, but often we get in our own way of enjoyment. Here's what you should avoid in order to have...
  2. Parenting

    7 Awesome back-to-school practices you should try this year

    As your student prepares to head back to school, implement the following ideas into your family's routine to ensure success.
  3. Food & Recipes

    Creamy no-bake spinach and sun-dried tomato dip

    Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying aloud, "I'm always so busy!" or "Ugh, I wish I just had an extra hour in...
  4. Love

    How much sex is enough sex?

    How much sex is enough needs to be followed by another question of "enough for what?"
  5. Parenting

    7 Ways to help your child with back-to-school anxiety

    No matter the age or level of schooling, students tend to feel overwhelmed as the new school year approaches. Show your child how to...
  6. Parenting

    4 Ways to make the last days of summer count

    The first day of school is always exciting and fun, but also bittersweet. It means no more sleeping in and spending long afternoons...
  7. Health & Wellness

    9 Foods that improve summertime burns and bites

    Summertime livin' isn't always easy breezy. From sunburns to bug bites, the steamy summer months can take a toll on your skin. We...
  8. Living

    How can I get my parents to open up about needing financial help?

    Q: I hope you can help me find a way to talk to my father about his financial situation. Last month his electricity was turned off...
  9. Love

    Soulmates: Are carbon-copy couples ideal?

    While it's true that we need to find a connection if we want to move forward together, it's not necessary for people to cherish all...
  10. Home

    6 Game-changing yard upgrades from the Property Brothers

    To really enjoy fresh air and sunshine, create an outdoor living space that will enhance both your enjoyment of your home and its...
  11. Health & Wellness

    The perfect playground workout for moms

    Recently, I took my daughter to the gym with me, only to discover the kids club was closed for the day. Instead of canceling my...
  12. Health & Wellness

    7 Trendy food hybrids and superdrinks to try

    Make way for this season's newest and trendiest food hybrids and superdrinks you haven't even heard about... yet.
  13. Parenting

    Don’t take bratty teen behavior personally

    "Don't take it personally." This is the single best piece of advice I give other mothers as they navigate their children's...
  14. Health & Wellness

    6 Alarming things your mother never told you about milk

    Yes, you really are addicted to cheese. Find out why and how dairy might be hurting you and your family.
  15. Health & Wellness

    5 Easy exercises to improve your balance

    BOSU balls, stability balls and balance discs aren't just the fitness industry's attempt to scam you out of more money; they...
  16. Parenting

    Simple tips for back to school balance

    Backpacks, books and lunch boxes... yes, it's back to school time. As summer unwinds and the sun sets just a bit earlier each night,...
  17. Food & Recipes

    Tips for healthier back-to-school lunches

    With the end of summer comes the inevitable "back-to-school" series of commercials for all things clothing, supplies and...
  18. Love

    The JLo guide to getting over your ex

    A breakup might seem like a major bummer at first, but it's actually a golden opportunity to leave the past behind and inhabit a...
  19. Pets & Animals

    6 Seriously awkward pet moments and how to deal with them

    Awkward pet behaviors can really put a damper on your social life. Here are tips for putting bad manners to bed.
  20. Living

    4 Ridiculously fun road trip games for adults

    Road trips are an awesome way to create memories with friends and family. Once you have the right people, all you need are some...