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  1. Living

    Kim Kardashian says women can have it all, but she's wrong

    Can women have it all? I know, as a woman reader, you are looking for a very specific answer. You are searching for that validating...
  2. Parenting

    Gardening with young kids

    Gardening with young kids is much like cooking with young kids. It’s messy, slow and frustrating and doesn’t always result in...
  3. Parenting

    3 Reasons my son loves Easter

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    Easter is my son’s favorite holiday. I never would have suspected it. I would have thought he’d pick Halloween or Christmas or even...
  4. Toddler & Preschoolers

    How my preschooler became interested in writing

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    When my older son was a preschooler, he liked to write his name on everything. He also loved making cards for people and I’d show...
  5. Family Fun

    St. Patrick’s Day is green

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    When I was a kid I knew that St. Patrick’s Day was the day you were supposed to wear green.
  6. Home Improvement

    Jonathan Scott: Updates to make when your house is for sale

    It's time to sell your home, and of course you want to make as much money as possible on it. Here are five critical areas that will...
  7. Workouts

    Injury prevention for runners

    Knowing how to train properly and safely is crucial to staying injury-free. Here are some tips to help prevent injuries from ruining...
  8. Skin Care

    Bloggers share their favorite New Year's Eve looks

    Start off your new year looking fab with tips from some of our favorite bloggers!
  9. Workouts

    8 Tips for staying fit during the holidays

    I anticipate the holidays with a mix of emotions. I get excited about the actual holiday festivities while I simultaneously dread...
  10. Health & Wellness

    The 6 most common running injuries

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    There is no one reason why runners get injured, but a pretty consistent interaction of factors plays a role in most runner injuries.
  11. Fashion & Style

    A few of our favorite Radiant Orchid style picks

    Drumroll, please. Pantone's color of the year is... Radiant Orchid! Get ready for next year with these lovely lavender beauty and...
  12. Movies

    INTERVIEW: Delivery Man cast on how being parents affected their roles

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    Some movies are worth the trip to the theater. Some movies bring ideas, great characters and lessons to be learned. Delivery Man...
  13. Skin Care

    3-Step makeup looks from our favorite bloggers

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    Here at SheKnows, we've long known that Kohl's is a go-to spot for cute (and affordable!) fashions. So when we found out that the...
  14. Movies

    INTERVIEW: Tom Hiddleston and cast talk Thor: The Dark World

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    Before the glitz and glamour, the camera flashes and the poses that would make the entertainment news channels, three of the film's...
  15. Health & Wellness

    What are the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes?

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    Everyone has the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, but certain changes in genes — changes called mutations — can lead to an increased risk of...
  16. Health & Wellness

    A speeding ticket has been the best thing to happen to me all summer

    I drove over 2,700 miles during the month of June for my business. I love driving. I could have flown. I know that driving is...
  17. Skin Care

    Bloggers take a break with Lindt chocolate

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    How often do you do something just for you? Five bloggers tell us their favorite ways to get a little "me time."
  18. Cooking & Entertaining

    Spicy sweet potato pumpkin bites

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    These bite-size sweet potato pumpkins pack just the right punch of chipotle flavor.
  19. Hair

    8 Easy steps to perfectly curled hair

    As a busy mom of two, a son who is 2 and a 3-month-old daughter, I have perfected how to add some life to my hair in eight quick and...
  20. Well-being

    5 Things your body is dying to tell you

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    Every day your body works hard to pump blood, fight off disease and help you get things done in this frantic world. Imagine if your...