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  1. Health & Wellness

    5 Important tips for exercising while pregnant

    Congratulations! You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. But there's no need to kick your exercise routine to the curb...
  2. Health & Wellness

    World Cup workout: Exercises you can do with a soccer ball

    The world comes together for this incredible sporting event where countries lay it all on the line and display phenomenal levels of...
  3. Diet

    Pumping iron for women: A guide to weight lifting

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    Lifting weights is no longer reserved for burly men who are looking to bulk up. In fact, weight lifting is the best way to tone your...
  4. Diet

    Get strong fast with these exercises

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    From building up your arm strength and core to buffing up your backside, check out these easy-to-follow videos to help strengthen...
  5. Health & Wellness

    3 Quick and easy exercises to improve your balance

    Don't ignore balance and stability exercises in your fitness routine.
  6. Workouts

    HIKEology: An interval class for running-haters

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    I approach treadmills with trepidation. I hate running and associate treadmills with the feeling of wanting to die — but I loved...
  7. Workouts

    How to survive exercising with your super fit BFF

    You love your BFF, you really do. But she’s all fit and you’re all… well, not. Every time you exercise together she does better than...
  8. Workouts

    This trick can help you shed a pound a week

    Whether you're an avid gym rat trying to lose those final stubborn pounds or easing into a workout regimen, this one simple step can...
  9. Workouts

    Guess what? Exercise can cause your body to store fat

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    What happens when you take exercising to the extreme? The results may shock you.
  10. Workouts

    Partner yoga poses for beginners

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    Partner yoga is a fun way to connect with your special someone.
  11. Diet

    How to increase the calories you burn each day

    You're trying to burn off those extra holiday pounds and wishing you had passed on the eggnog this year. Here's a quick rundown of...
  12. Workouts

    Cardio over cocktails: The new and improved happy hour

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    Instead of drinking and eating during happy hours or business meetings, propose a workout class!
  13. Workouts

    Fab exercise videos for workouts at home

    There's no need to spend big bucks at the gym. Use these fab exercise videos to get a great workout at home.
  14. Workouts

    How yoga improves your memory

    Having trouble remembering what you ate for breakfast? Perhaps the key to a more memorable morning (and life in general) has less to...
  15. Family Fun

    10 Ways to keep exercising while away from home

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    Every family packs their vacation with lots of fun but also with lots of extra calories, thanks to dining out and indulging in...
  16. Family Fun

    10 Outdoor fitness activities for snow bunny moms

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    Don't let snow and cold weather keep you and your family indoors. Bundle up and head outdoors with the kids for a fun-filled workout.
  17. Workouts

    The scrawny girl's guide to working out without losing weight

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    Exercising is important for a bajillion different reasons, but everywhere I turn it's "burn fat" this and "calorie" that. For a...
  18. Health & Wellness

    Getting the most out of your running routine

    Feel like you're putting more into your cardiovascular workout than you're getting out of it? Identifying your goals and making some...