1. Health & Wellness

    Activities so fun you’ll forget they’re exercise

    Getting up while it's still dark outside to make your 5 a.m. spin class can get a little redundant. And exhausting. Hit the snooze...
  2. Exercise & Fitness

    Spotify uses science to create the most motivational workout playlist ever

    Spotify teamed up with a fitness researcher to put together a playlist that can give you the ultimate workout! Hit play!
  3. Exercise & Fitness

    Fab exercise videos for workouts at home

    There's no need to spend big bucks at the gym. Use these fab exercise videos to get a great workout at home.
  4. Exercise & Fitness

    10 Gifts for the Zumba lover

    Need to buy a gift for a Zumba lover? Look no further! We've got you covered with 10 items that are sure to be on her list.
  5. Parenting Tips & Advice

    How to introduce kids to exercise

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    Doing yoga, Zumba or some other formal exercise program might be a great way to share an experience with your child. But when does...
  6. Health & Fitness How-tos

    How to get fit with your kids

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    Is your family in an exercise rut? Be an active role model for your kids with these five fun exercises you can do with them. Not...
  7. Family Fun

    8 Exercise games for kids

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    Don't let video games be the only games your kids play on a rainy day! There are so many fun and active games that let them shake...
  8. Children's Health

    How much should children exercise per week?

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    Everyone knows exercise is good for children, especially when obesity levels are on the rise in youth. But exactly how much exercise...
  9. Self Improvement & Mental Health

    Taking a break from technology

    This mom wanted to get her kids off the couch, so she cut technology out of their lives. Read on to see how it worked!
  10. Diet & Fitness

    Easy ways for moms to fit in exercise

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    Moms don't always have time to exercise the conventional way. These tips help you fit in a workout while still getting everything...
  11. Children's Health

    Making fitness fun for the whole family

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    These fitness moves are so much fun, your family won't even know they're working out!
  12. Children's Health

    How to keep your kids moving

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    Teach your kids that fitness is fun! It'll set them up for a lifetime of being in shape.
  13. Diet & Fitness

    Coming back after babies: How I'm trying to find time to get fit

    Four years ago, I was 50 pounds lighter. Four years ago, I went to the gym five to six days a week. Four years ago, I didn't have...
  14. Women's Health

    How to stay fit during and after pregnancy

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    I've always found exercise to be a challenge, but when I became pregnant, I knew I had to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Here's my...
  15. Children's Health

    The dos and don'ts of exercising with kids

    Video games, TV and movies — they're all favorite activities among today's youth. But experts say physical activity is an essential...
  16. Children's Health

    Fit Family: A guide to healthy, happy kids

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    The road to fitness isn't an easy one, but it's a lot easier of you don't go it alone. Make fitness a family project and get in...
  17. Exercise & Fitness

    5 Ways to pump up your plank

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    While the plank may be one of the best total-body exercises, its benefits begin to decrease as you get better at doing it. Try these...
  18. Exercise & Fitness

    How to speak yoga

    "Savasana"… Can you use that in a sentence, please?
  19. Exercise & Fitness

    The scrawny girl's guide to working out without losing weight

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    Exercising is important for a bajillion different reasons, but everywhere I turn it's "burn fat" this and "calorie" that. For a...
  20. Diet & Fitness

    Booty-toning tips from celeb trainers

    Hollywood’s top trainers let us in on the secrets behind stars' amazing assets.