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  1. Television

    ABC brings the giggles when kids recap Revenge

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    What's more mind-boggling than the plot of Revenge ? The plot of Revenge through the eyes of grade-school kids. Still, they're...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Man Candy Mondays: Josh Bowman

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    As far as teen heartthrobs go, Josh Bowman is an exquisite specimen of a young man. With British breeding, one fine face and a way...
  3. Television

    Revenge recap: Dangerous skeletons

    It's dangerous to dig up the past, but Emily's always carrying that shovel around. Will she learn her lesson before someone really...
  4. Television

    Revenge recap: Secrets revealed

    It's a big night for revealing secrets in The Hamptons and this time, someone is going to pay a big price.
  5. Television

    Revenge recap: Back from the dead

    Oh, the drama never does cease in The Hamptons, does it? No one in this little circle seems to know how to tell the truth without...
  6. Television

    Who's your mummy? It's a wrap for Emmys night

    Gauze (or tulle, if you prefer) isn’t just for weddings and archways anymore. Last night at the Emmys, the fabric of choice was...
  7. Makeup

    Get the look: Emily VanCamp's Emmy Awards makeup

    We love watching her devious tricks on ABC's Revenge , but last night Emily VanCamp looked like a total sweetheart at the Emmy...
  8. Fashion & Style

    Get the look: Emily VanCamp's Revenge style

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    Every once in a while, a TV show comes along and knocks our fashionable socks off. This year's winner? ABC's budding phenomenon,...
  9. Television

    Revenge preview: "Loyalty"

    Now that the real Emily Thorne is making herself cozy in the Hamptons, will everything fake Emily has been working for go up in...
  10. Television

    Revenge preview: "Suspicion"

    Has Emily Thorne lost a key ally in her plot to take down the Graysons? Keep reading for a preview of this week's Revenge .
  11. Television

    Revenge preview: "Treachery"

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    Is Emily's plan beginning to come unhinged? Keep reading for a preview of this week's Revenge .
  12. Television

    Revenge preview: "Charade"

    Is Emily's "charade" up on Revenge this week? Read on to find out what we know.
  13. Television

    Revenge preview: "Intrigue"

    Frank went postal on Lydia last week, throwing a bit of a wrench into Emily Thorne's plans. What's up next for Revenge ? Your guess...
  14. Television

    Revenge preview: "Guilt"

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    The pieces of the Revenge puzzle are starting to come together -- can you guess who's next?
  15. Television

    Revenge preview: "Duplicity"

    Revenge heats up with the psychiatrist who institutionalized the girl formally known as Amanda Clarke.
  16. Television

    Revenge preview: "Betrayal"

    The plot thickens on Revenge as Emily Thorne sets her sights on another target.
  17. Television

    Revenge preview: "Trust"

    Revenge debuted to rave reviews last week, so let's see what's in store next.
  18. Television

    Revenge review: Why we thought revenge was sweet

    Revenge debuted on Wednesday night and we've got you covered for what worked on ABC's new fall drama.
  19. Television

    Revenge : pilot preview

    Revenge premieres on ABC tonight and we thought we'd give you sneak peek...
  20. Television

    Unlocking the mysteries of ABC's Revenge

    SheKnows is privy to reviewing a number of fall premieres, but one that is providing us with a sense of mystery is ABC's new show,...