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    INTERVIEW: Will Jack and Emily end up together on Revenge ?

    Jack may be Emily's perfect match on Revenge , but Nick Wechsler doesn't want to see the two live happily ever after.
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    Revenge : 5 Drastically needed New Year's resolutions

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    Revenge is mixing it up for the show's midseason return and giving it's main gal Emily quite the mental makeover.
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    Revenge review: Emily's shooter revealed

    Here's a hint: The shooter on Revenge is a Grayson. We finally have the scoop on who pulled the trigger and what's to come.
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    PHOTOS: Revenge wedding leads to Emily's master plan

    Emily's big day is almost here! No, we're not exactly talking about the wedding of the century, though that'll be in there too, but...
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    ABC pushes Revenge to 10 p.m. midseason

    With ratings dropping for Revenge , ABC is playing a shuffle game with the midseason schedule, and the changes don't do the Sunday...
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    Revenge 's Emily VanCamp: Season 3 interview

    Season 3 of Revenge is promising to take the show in a whole new direction. This includes Jack's return and Charlotte's baby. Not...
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    Emily VanCamp was stuck in an acting rut

    A few years ago, Emily VanCamp took her career into her own hands. After constantly playing the same characters, she took a risk and...
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    Spoiler alert! Revenge 's big question

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    It looks like congratulations are in order for Emily and one of her many love interests.
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    Revenge recap: Jack can't handle the truth

    Jack learns the truth about Amanda's death and begins to plot his own revenge mission against the Greysons. Also, a blast from...
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    Revenge recap: Dead water

    Jack and Amanda are in danger when Nate Ryan confronts them on their boat. Only one will make it out alive.
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    Revenge recap; Murder at the Grayson's

    When a relationship is in trouble steps need to be taken to fix it. Sometimes that means making a deeper commitment, ending a...
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    Girls on film: TV's strongest chicks

    Despite the copious amount of whiny and weak female characters that clog up the television, there are quite a few bad*ss ladies on...
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    Revenge recap: Dirty work

    In order to save his sister, Aiden must murder an unsuspecting victim. But when his plan interferes with Emily's, will it end their...
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    Revenge recap: Million-dollar nightcap

    The faux-mance continues as Emily gets closer to Daniel, Victoria toys with a powerful man and a new relationship may be just...
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    Revenge Recap: Framed

    Get ready for deception, corruption, abuse of power, love triangles, cheating and fake relationships! Revenge is back from winter...
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    Revenge recap: There's a new boss in town

    While plotting to ensure Daniel is elected CEO of Grayson Global, Emily wonders if there's more to life than revenge.
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    Revenge recap: Ghosts of Thanksgivings past

    It's Thanksgiving 2006 in the Hamptons and things are getting crazy. Dark family secrets are revealed, enemies are made and new love...
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    Revenge recap: Will the real Amanda please stand up?

    The truth is a dangerous thing when it winds up in the wrong hands, but no one knows how to spin it better than Emily.
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    Revenge recap: Cold dead revenge

    It's all about wedded bliss in The Hamptons — from a sham wedding to a real proposal. But a frozen dead man and nosy Mason are going...
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    Revenge recap: He without sin

    Forgiveness is hard for anyone, but it's especially tough to do when your mother tried to kill you. Can Emily forgive and forget?