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    VIDEO: Ellen Page credits Ellen DeGeneres for her coming out

    Ellen Page tells Ellen DeGeneres that she's a happier person now that she's come out of the closet.
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    Ellen Page "deeply emotional" about coming out

    For the first time since her announcement, Ellen Page talks openly about her coming-out experience.
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    Ellen Page to pastor: Less prayer, more girl hugs, please

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    Ellen Page's gayness is just fine; no prayers for her soul necessary. Check out what the actress had to say on Twitter to a pastor...
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    Ellen Page and coming out in America

    In recent weeks, coming out has been front-page news. It began with NFL hopeful Michael Sam whose groundbreaking announcement put a...
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    VIDEO: Ellen Page comes out

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    Another closet door flies open: Actress Ellen Page has come out as gay.
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    Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page: Friends, not lovers

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    Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page might be close, but they're not that close.
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    Brit Marling goes undercover in The East

    The East turns a former government employee into an anarchist. Brit Marling plays a woman who goes undercover to see how the other...
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    Game of Thrones ' Peter Dinklage signs on for X-Men

    The Emmy-winning actor, best known for his role Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones , is officially part of Bryan Singer's X-Men:...
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    Juno 's Ellen Page and Allison Janney reunite for Touchy Feely

    They played a dynamic stepmother-daughter duo in their hit movie Juno , and now Ellen and Allison are back together in Touchy...
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    Fan sends Ellen Page death threats through Twitter

    The 25-year-old actress was so worried about the messages that she has turned to the LAPD for help.
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    Promising picks for Robert Pattinson's rebound chick

    As Bella and Edward's affection unfolded onscreen in The Twilight Saga, the characters' real life counterparts likewise sunk their...
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    Ellen Page and the karma of outing gay Hollywood

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    Indie darling Ellen Page was outed as bisexual earlier this month. The article, Ellen Page - The Hypocrite, is still stirring up...
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    Juno director Jason Reitman headed for divorce court

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    Jason Reitman has filed for divorce from his wife of seven years. The Up in the Air director is soon to be single.
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    Kristen Stewart cast in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

    The rumored short list for the title role of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is out and even though she was reportedly being...
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    Inception review

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    As Inception arrives in theaters July 15, little is publicly known about the film other than what writer-director Christopher...
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    Whip It good: Drew Barrymore exclusive interview

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    Drew Barrymore delights in testing herself. In 2009, the opportunity arose twice. Barrymore took her first shot at directing and...