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  1. Parenting

    Celebrity mom cover stories: Jessica Alba, Anna Paquin, Tia Mowry

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    Some of our favorite celebrity moms graced the cover of magazines this month. Jessica Alba looked amazing on the cover of Marie...
  2. Movies

    People Like Us movie review: Do Bro and Sis Kiss?

    People Like Us is a story about secrets. Some harmless, some life-changing. When his father dies, Sam discovers a bombshell -- his...
  3. Makeup

    MTV Movie Awards: Beauty takes the stage

    The MTV Movie Awards are known for drama -- onstage and off. There was a lot of excitement to report this year, but we were most...
  4. Fashion & Style

    6 Best dressed celebs at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

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    The 2012 MTV Movie Awards is in the books and the show was filled with plenty of predictable winners and lame jokes (courtesy of...
  5. Fashion & Style

    The MTV Movie Awards: The worst (and wackiest) dressed!

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    When it comes to MTV, anything goes. There were definitely some fashion trends this year -- from bubble skirts to tight waists. But...
  6. Movies

    Would you give $150,000 to a stranger?

    What would you do if you found out you had a sister you never knew about? The new dramatic film People Like Us explores the...
  7. Movies

    What to Expect When You're Expecting movie review

    Five couples. Five babies. Ten FREAK OUTS! If anything is clear about What to Expect When You're Expecting , no one has any idea...
  8. Fashion & Style

    Friday's Fashion Fails: Elizabeth Banks and Florence Welch

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    Oops...even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We're telling you why Elizabeth Banks and Florence Welch's Met Gala fashions fell...
  9. Movies

    What to Expect ad bares beautiful bellies

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    The new What to Expect When You’re Expecting TV ad takes hot mommas to the next level by showing the bare pregnant bellies of...
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Cameron Diaz didn't expect to put off motherhood this long

    Cameron Diaz explains how it's one role she's happy to put off, while Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Lopez are embracing it with open...
  11. Movies

    Hunger Games' cast clueless about Catching Fire's new director

    Director Gary Ross left a gaping hole in the future of the Hunger Games franchise when he refused to direct Catching Fire. What does...
  12. Movies

    What's next for the stars of The Hunger Games ?

    Fans of The Hunger Games are already antsy for the trilogy's next film. What will the cast be feasting on before reuniting to film...
  13. Television

    Lenny Kravitz wanted Elizabeth Banks' costumes badly!

    Why is it that Elizabeth Banks gets all the crazy Capitol fashion as Effie Trinket, while Hunger Games stylist Cinna is simply...
  14. Fashion & Style

    The Hunger Games : Capitol-inspired fashion

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    The residents of the Capitol in The Hunger Games are brash, outlandish... and completely high fashion. Want to capture people's...
  15. Movies

    Elizabeth Banks' Hunger Games costumes were "torture"

    Though Elizabeth Banks loves the Effie-inspired outfits she wears on the red carpet, her custom costumes in The Hunger Games were...
  16. Movies

    Another picks a side: Elizabeth Banks is Team Peeta!

    Every fan has picked a side, and now the actors are swearing their allegiances! Elizabeth Banks shares why she's Team Peeta and...
  17. Movies

    Elizabeth Banks transforms into Effie for The Hunger Games

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    So, you want to dress Capitol for your next night on the town? SheKnows asked Elizabeth Banks all the juicy details on how she...
  18. Movies

    Movie review: The Hunger Games

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    Katniss's dress isn't the only thing ablaze in The Hunger Games , whose tickets are already selling like wildfire! This may be the...
  19. Movies

    Hunger Games director wants nothing to do with Twilight

    Just because two film franchises both began as books and erupt into fan frenzies among teenagers doesn't mean they're anything alike...
  20. Movies

    Inside look: The Hunger Games premiere!

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    The much-anticipated silver screen adaptation of The Hunger Games is almost in theaters! The stars aligned Monday night in Los...