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    INTERVIEW: Is Gossip Girl 's Ed Westwick returning to TV?

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    We all remember Ed Westwick's portrayal of bad boy Chuck Bass. Now the sexy Brit is on the big screen, playing Romeo's rival Tybalt...
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    New Romeo & Juliet trailer teases a deadly love story

    Relativity Media has finally delivered a trailer for Romeo & Juliet , the highly anticipated retelling of the classic love story....
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    Celebrities who are starting to look alike

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    If Stephen Colbert ever needs a stand-in on The Colbert Report , perhaps he should give Bob Saget a call. These days, the two could...
  4. Television

    Gossip Girl recap: Spoiler alert! We know her identity

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    And who is Gossip Girl? That's the secret we find out on the series finale.
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    Gossip Girl recap: Chuck fulfills his destiny

    Gossip Girl delivers a memorable scene that draws upon a classic Hollywood film for inspiration.
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    Great lines from Gossip Girl

    For the last six seasons, Gossip Girl has been home to some of the smartest, wittiest dialogue on television. In a little more...
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    How many deaths has Gossip Girl witnessed?

    In light of the possible impending doom of one of Gossip Girl 's key players, we thought we'd take a look back at other notable...
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    Terrifying Gossip Girl sneak peek!

    Can you get PTSD from a Gossip Girl promo?
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    Gossip Girl tied up in knots

    Break out the grade book. It's time to rank our favorite Upper East Siders' performances on Gossip Girl's always eventful...
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    Thanksgiving with Gossip Girl

    My, my, my how things have (sort of) changed! Do you remember our very first Thanksgiving with Gossip Girl ? We do! In 2007, we had...
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    Gossip Girl leaves us gagging

    Gossip Girl shows no shame as it plows toward the series finale.
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    Gossip Girl Preview: Ready for some reconciliation?

    If you're a little worked up about the impending series finale, we understand. Prepare to get even more stressed out with this new...
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    Gossip Girl comes back to life

    Gossip Girl recaptures its essence by merging its past with its present.
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    Another episode, another set-up for the Gossip Girl finale

    The Gossip Girl series finale continues to draw near and the episodes continue to drag as the writers try to wrap everything up into...
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    Who exactly will tie the knot in Gossip Girl 's final season?

    Despite previous rumors and pics, the latest Gossip Girl promo has everyone wondering, "Just who the heck is Serena going to marry?"
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    Gossip Girl recap: Portrait of absurdity

    Luckily, the cast can fall on smart and funny writing as the only thing keeping Gossip Girl afloat as the final season continues...
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    Gossip Girl gossip

    For fans of Gossip Girl , this week has been awash with giddy speculation. Pictures have surfaced involving a fluffy white dress,...
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    Gossip Girl recap: High infidelity

    In its final season, The CW's Gossip Girl is filled with more plot twists, back-stabbing and evil plans than ever before. It's so...
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    New Gossip Girl preview: "Everyone gets exposed"

    Someone's getting married on Gossip Girl. The latest trailer shows a top-secret wedding — and the gossip gang wasn't invited. But...
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    Are Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr an item again?

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    Is love in the air again for former Gossip Girl couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr? In the past week, the exes have allegedly...